#52LittleThings Week 8 – Laugh Every Day 30

52LT-Week-8Laugh every day ?! 

Now this one got me thinking, Do I laugh enough?

When did I last laugh, not smile but laugh from my toes? 

The answer to that is I honestly cant remember and sitting here thinking about that now I have to say I am feeling really quite miffed and upset by that. 

Playing Pictionary As a non parent I seemed to laugh all the time and if all else failed watching Drop Dead Fred never ceased to make me crack up. But being responsible for small people can be super stressful and this is what I need to make more effort with.

I have a wonderful husband (although he puts the toilet roll on the holder the wrong way round, although maybe I should be grateful he changes the roll!) and I have to great children but other than the odd chortle I think my last belly laugh actually occurred while playing pictionary back in October!! …….. Which if we are honest with each other and me with myself it dire!! 

So Why Is Laughing Good For You?

It Decreases Stress – Stress related hormones are released when we laugh

It Improves Your Blood Pressure – Laughter has been shown previously to lower or balance someone’s blood pressure and increase vascular blood flow!

It Provides A Burst of Exercise – laughter can help clear the respiratory system. Just like exercise as it opens up the airways and stretches the diaphragm and provides more oxygen for the blood.

It Can Help Manage Pain – It’s a natural pain reliever so is super at helping to block the pain receptors! 

For more information on why laughing every day can be good for you AXA PPP healthcare has some more information on their website explaining why laughter is the best medicine.

So I am going to undertake a mission to laugh more, I will be addressing my work life balance and ensuring we spend more time doing fun things as a family and will also be ensuring that I listen to my toddler more as he really does say the funniest things, if only I listened more. 

So you laugh enough? or like me do you need to do it more often?

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with AXA PPP healthcare’s #52LittleThings and I have been compensated for this post. However all words and thoughts were developed and written by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse


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