About Us

The OliversAbout us: ….. Well lets start at the beginning 

I am Jaime I am a stay at home working Mum.

I am OCD about organizing as well as cleaning. I am a shorty at 5 foot tall and I am in the process of loosing some baby weight and chocolate weight all at the same time! It’s still an ongoing battle.

I am physically a bit of wreck and have suffered with (SPDSymphysis Pubis Dysfunction since a few weeks into my 2nd pregnancy and still continue with this condition even after the birth of my son.

My Husband is Mark (Ollie) and he was my first ever boyfriend when I was 13 and he was 12! after many many years apart we got back together some years ago.

We eloped in 2012 and Married in Whitby and had fish and chips! (we are not always conventional!) Ollie works full time and he too is dropping to bits he has already had 2 operations on his failing hips and with this condition in time he will need full hip replacements! (The way we are both going motorized wheelchairs here we come!)

Ollie is a an avid fan of football and supports Everton FC – hence red is a naughty word in our house!

Joshua is 4 (2011) years old and heading off to school in September, just where have those years gone? 

He is utterly obsessed with Minions, Spongebob and being in the great outdoors.

Well that’s a little about us no doubt more of our little secrets will be revealed!!