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Active Family Reliving the old and finding the newNow over the last few weeks we here at The Oliver’s Madhouse we have had a wide array of activities, some old passions relived and some new ones learnt.

Earlier in the month I finally got my Hockey mojo back, scored a goal, got a medal and finally found my place in the team, although the bummer to that is that the proper Hockey season doesnt start again till September and I am missing it more than I thought.

I have finally got my bottom moving and I have started walking again with the help of my FitBug Air which I am now tracking on a daily basis – although this is not stopping the urge to ruin my weight loss progress!

While on a recent holiday Ollie and I rediscovered an old love of playing tennis, although I am not sure Ollie’s version of playing would be classed as the official version of tennis however it was so great to get on a court again. We are currently looking to see if there is anywhere locally we can play if and when we get some free time together child free.

Bethany on the same holiday learnt several new sports namely sailing and windsurfing! having had a crack at these myself when around her age. I am so pleased she got this opportunity too! Although initially terrified she really did pull it off and took to the water well.

We have as always got the football training for the most junior member of the household still in full spring and I have to say Ollie’s hopes for a professional player in years to come keep soaring!

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