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Bloggers Guest PostMy second guest post this week is from the lovely Kelly from Mum Of 2, she has 2 gorgeous little guys aged 6 & 8 and she blogs about life with her boys, her lovely dogs, being out and about and the great outdoors.

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Growing Up

mumof2I love how our main job as a parent is to help our children develop and grow (ok after protection  and feeding). It all starts out with the first smiles and then the rolling, crawling, teeth, walking and talking etc. 

We mark their milestones whilst at the same time moan about the terrible twos, tiresome threes, flipping fours and the lack of sleep or that they are far too energetic for our liking. Ring any bells?

So, when meeting some parents this week at a sport’s camp the boys were on, the discussion came up about not wanting the kids to grow up. (Please note I have an immediate frown on my face whilst typing).  I get what they were saying but my internal reaction was that I quite like our boys growing up and experiencing new things. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the toddlerdom (and the lack of sleep it all brought in amongst the bugs and germs that were uninvited to our family.)

My actual response was a bit more tactful than the thought process running through my mind. I said that I love the age our boys are at (8 and so very nearly 6), as it means we can do so much more with them and I can’t wait to see them growing up. Yes, I don’t want it to be over in an instant but we’ve moved on to being able to decide at 5pm that we may want to see a film at 6:30pm and not worry that it is too late. There is so much more to discover as a family.

It also reminded me of a discussion the boys and I had that came about randomly. 

Youngest (A) : Mom, M said that he is taking the wii with him when he leaves home.

Me (surprised and perplexed that he was leaving home!) : Oh really? Well, he can’t take the actual wii machine as that belongs in our house but he can take the wii games that belong to him.

Youngest (A): Well, then he can only take Mario Tennis and the scary Pirate one.

Oldest (M) : Yes, I am DEFINITELY taking Mario Tennis, but you can keep the scary Pirate one. I am NOT taking that one.

Me : Ok, that’s fine. So M, when are you leaving home then?

Oldest (M) : When I go to university! (like duh it’s obvious!)

We then went on to chat about what university was and what he might want to study. It was quite an insightful conversation with an 8 year old along with our 5 year old’s questions. It brings me back to the growing up discussion. 

I am loving the journey we are on together and the different paths it is taking us on. I am intrigued as to who and what they may become and hopeful that it is in line with some of the wishes they have for themselves. More though, I am grateful that I get to grow with them. 

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