Cutting The Cost Of Christmas

1395388_10153534530355397_530178541_nWe all know that with Christmas fast approaching funds are getting tighter and we are all looking for ways in which to be more economical with our cash.

Recently I was given the opportunity to see if I could economise this Christmas and see what Poundland could offer The Oliver’s. Needless to say the  hubby was super ecstatic at the chance to save and cut down, all words he loves to hear!

So we set of this weekend for Nottingham Christmas shopping and with 2  Poundland stores in the city centre we knew we would have no trouble finding it!

Now top of our list were Christmas decorations for our tree since discovering half our baubles were missing and many broken this year. We also were looking for some gift tags, and stocking filler type gifts for the kids … oh and if we were super lucky some tasty treats too ..

So what did we actually manage to get for £20 …….

What We Bought At Poundland

  • 5 x Tubs of Assorted Baubles – ready for next years (possibly this year as I cant help playing)
  • Multipack of Frazzles (7 packs) – Addictive tastiness
  • Multipack of Nik Naks (8 packs) – Needs must and these beauties are my fave!
  • Beyonce’s Crazy in Love Book – Stocking filler
  • Peter Pan Story Book – Stocking filler
  • Santa Stop Here Sign – We thought this was so cute for Joshua
  • Cloud Babies Annual 2014 – Stocking filler
  • Box of Milk Tray Chocolates – It would be rude not too!
  • Mr Kipling Bakewell Tarts – Ollie’s faves!
  • Treacle Tarts – We couldn’t help being greedy!
  • 2 x packs of AA batteries – No arguments on Christmas morning .. not about batteries at least!
  • 2 x Ice Scrapers (for cars) – 2 for £1 now it just had to be done!
  • Nair Hair Remover – No one likes hairs poking through your tights while wearing your best dress on Christmas day!
  • 2 x Sticky Gift Tags (100 per book) – Sticky so don’t fall off or require any sellotape (win win!)

What We Bought From PoundlandI am super impressed with everything we got, the batteries and snacks are brilliant! and the Christmas range is super I loved the different style, sizes, shapes and colours of baubles and for £1 I can’t believe we didn’t find them last year so this years tree wouldn’t be looking shabby!

Thanks Poundland, we will be back, I have my eye on some cleaning things ready for the Christmas tree take down and tidy up after Christmas! I also have my eye on some wrapping paper I fell in love with that I am going to pick up and pop in the loft read for next year … yep I am that organised!

Disclaimer: We were given a voucher to spend to take part in the Poundland Bloggers Christmas Challenge. All views and opinions were formed independently by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse

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4 Responses to Cutting The Cost Of Christmas

  1. Emma says:

    I so miss Poundland! That’s a great haul! :)

  2. Jollyjillys says:

    Love pound land lol. I do a lot of craft work and the glue is much cheaper . Basic hair dye is good 2. Have a wonderful Christmas

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