Dentist Dilemma

Toddler At The Dentist Dentist Dilemma – my little baby has officially grown into a little boy. We have almost grown out of all things baby but with our recent trip to the dentist it’s all becoming glaringly obvious no matter how much I was to deny it and try to run in the opposite direction.

Starting this journey of check up’s made me, for a split second tremble with nerves. Not in a bad way, just that my time with Joshua as a toddler is so very quickly going to be gone…. in the blink of an eye no doubt!

So on visiting the dentist last week my little man was so good, I explained what happens when we visit the dentist, making sure to avoid the fact that if you don’t brush your teeth the dentist will take a drill and drill into your teeth loudly, nor the bit about the gigantic needle and I completely side-stepped the pain!! … what a thoughtful Mummy!

Needless to say he was non the wiser to what could be the darker side of the Dentists chair so he hopped through the door full of beans and with lots of chatter. He opened his mouth widely and was very happy when the Dentist started counting all his teeth!

He was full of chatter after the dentist had finished and even told Beth that it was all OK while she was quaking in her boots on her turn…. with good reason too!

I love the innocence that toddlers bring to new situations and the fact my little man is so sociable without question. I only wish my toddler would slow down with this getting big lark …

And I am hoping the next visit is just as successful … although some nicer stickers would be a plus and a tween that actually brushes hers would be amazing!! …… well I can hope!

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65 Responses to Dentist Dilemma

  1. Aww your little man is indeed growing up fast and what a little star!
    I love the external optimism of toddlerhood, it’s a lovely time x

  2. Erica Price says:

    Going to the dentist is good fun at that age. Hopefully, he’ll never experience the darker side.

  3. In my experience, counting teeth is pretty much all the dentist does whatever age the kids are! Is it obligatory that tweens don’t clean their teeth?! My younger son is forever avoiding doing his! Grrr!

  4. lovely post! He really is growing up!

  5. Notmyyearoff says:

    Thats sooo good and he looks so happy in that chair – I really need to take Little Z very soon. I keep thinking he’s going to clamp his moth shut :)

  6. Aww, well done Mummy and well done little man! Hope the Dentist was good too! :)

  7. Aw…can empathise with this one. Great to get Joshua used to the dentist at such a young age. Boy gets a bit worked up in those types of situations and must admit finding a good dentist is a big help….now he is older he can’t quite get used to why he isn’t offered a sticker and balloon at his new dentist, though he does seem to be developing a morbid interest in some of the equipment. No experience of teens (yet) though you may take some hope from my niece’s volte-face at the prospect of having to wear a brace! (She now looks after her teeth brilliantly and has a great smile ;-)

    • Jaime says:

      i think your right a good dentist will make all the difference. the tween has had months and months of extra visits to encourage her to brush and she is holding firm she isnt! .. at this rate her teeth will fall out before she could get a brace fitted!

  8. JallieDaddy says:

    What a good boy! I do find though that dental horror stories – watered down, of course – can be useful when Jake & Ellie don’t want to have their teeth brushed!

  9. He’s growing up so quickly Jaime. Love that the dentist trip was a success #magicmoments

  10. Ah, an important first! Boo’s been pretty good at her check-ups, though she preferred the opticians -more fun! It’ll be Little Man’s turn before I know it…

  11. Emily says:

    My children all love the dentist even though poor Tilly had to have a filling it was done by an amazing woman who showed and let them touch everything, sprayed water at them with the thing that cleans your mouth etc
    Think a lot is about positive associations so he’s off to a good start :) xx

  12. Ah, well done Joshua! Their enthusiasm and sociability at this age is fantastic isn’t it, and great to start off with positive associations at the dentists :)

  13. MummyTries says:

    Glad it was an event-free trip for Joshua hon. Seeing them transform into little people is both thrilling and terrifying… I feel the same about my 23mo xx

  14. What a clever boy – a great first dentist experience! #magicmoments

  15. Karen Bell says:

    So right, I love a toddlers innocence!
    Well done to Joshua for being so good there :)

  16. Tarana says:

    He’s such a sweet boy! My toddler starts crying the minute a nurse touches him!

  17. Well done Joshua, my little boy refuses to open his mouth for the dentist, bless him!

  18. Jenny says:

    I completely agree, they grow up way way too fast. He is absolutely adorable!!! Lovely picture. I am not looking forward to the dentist check ups with my son, he is very skittish. We tried once already it didn’t go down very well. ;( Glad it went great for your son though. What a brave, well behaved little boy. ;)

  19. They do grow up far too fast don’t they? My little one is 5 in April – 5!!! I can’t believe all that time has gone.

    Big Prince is just the same as your tween and I have to bug him constantly about brushing his teeth. Perhaps it’s a tween thing as I remember being the same. :)


  20. Ah what a brave little man and so cute xx

  21. Mummy of Two says:

    It is so sad they grow up so fast but great watching them turn into little people too. Glad his first dentist trip went well!

  22. LauraCYMFT says:

    Glad the trip went well for all. I hated the dentist when I was growing up. I once jumped out of the chair and run out the room screaming just before he was going to inject my gum to put a filling in. Thankfully I now have lovely teeth cause I started looking after them after that experience LOL. I wish we could have a “time stand still” watch for our kids.

  23. Charlotte says:

    Aww bless him! I definitely think it’s worse for us than them! x

  24. Aww they grow up so fast don’t they! x

  25. Fingers crossed for that next visit! Lovely post. xx

  26. Wow – what a good little boy. Dentists can be scary for mums too – Chips fell off a park bench over Christmas and chipped one of her front teeth. Not only did she chip a huge bit off the bottom but it also split right up the middle. The dentist said the risk of infection was too great, so she had to go into hospital and have it out under general anaesthetic. Oh boy. It was so scary seeing her go under. She was great thought – beforehand she didn’t really eat or drink for 3 days, so we were glad when she started again the day after she got it taken out. Phew! Now we’ll just have to ban the word ‘cheese’ from photos for the next 5 years until her adult tooth comes through. Maddie xoxoxo

  27. You did well, I think it’s taken 4 visits to get Monkey to even open his mouth! Too true though, they grow up way too fast!

  28. Bless him, I avoid the dentist at all costs lol x

  29. You have just reminded me that I need to book a dentist appointment. Cant remember if middle man has been yet…

  30. A sure sign he’s growing up :) Lovely post Jaime xx

  31. It’s lovely to see how innocent little ones are – so refreshing how they have no prior ideas or conceptions about things like the dentist. I think we have a lot to learn from them. Great post darling xx

  32. I’ve hated watching the babyness slip away each time, you spot it when it happens and a little bit of your heart melts…

  33. Mel says:

    He looks so happy in the dentist’s chair! Lovely post. Mel

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