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Toddler At The Dentist Dentist Dilemma – my little baby has officially grown into a little boy. We have almost grown out of all things baby but with our recent trip to the dentist it’s all becoming glaringly obvious no matter how much I was to deny it and try to run in the opposite direction.

Starting this journey of check up’s made me, for a split second tremble with nerves. Not in a bad way, just that my time with Joshua as a toddler is so very quickly going to be gone…. in the blink of an eye no doubt!

So on visiting the dentist last week my little man was so good, I explained what happens when we visit the dentist, making sure to avoid the fact that if you don’t brush your teeth the dentist will take a drill and drill into your teeth loudly, nor the bit about the gigantic needle and I completely side-stepped the pain!! … what a thoughtful Mummy!

Needless to say he was non the wiser to what could be the darker side of the Dentists chair so he hopped through the door full of beans and with lots of chatter. He opened his mouth widely and was very happy when the Dentist started counting all his teeth!

He was full of chatter after the dentist had finished and even told Beth that it was all OK while she was quaking in her boots on her turn…. with good reason too!

I love the innocence that toddlers bring to new situations and the fact my little man is so sociable without question. I only wish my toddler would slow down with this getting big lark …

And I am hoping the next visit is just as successful … although some nicer stickers would be a plus and a tween that actually brushes hers would be amazing!! …… well I can hope!

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