Elf On The Shelf Oliver’s Style

Elf On A ShelfWell the pesky little Cecil has had us running round like idiots .. Ollie and I for forgetting to move the damn elf and Joshua in the morning with some assistance from Beth on trying to find him.

Cecil and Elf On The Shelf has become a little like an obsession, from the moment Joshua goes to bed the discussions start on where he will go next … although I have on a couple of times forgotten even after the discussion, however my bacon was saved by Ollie diverting Joshua to the Kitchen for “a bit more looking” … phew!

Last week I was feeling anxious that in fact I had made a rod for my own back with this Tradition and that Joshua was far too small to get it. However I would have been very wrong. Joshua is loving it, he tells Beth (age 12) she must not go near him or his “magic will be gone”

We also to took receipt this week of our lovely Elf Door from The Magic Door Store and we love it!  It miraculously has remained in the same place since it was installed with no little fingers even attempting to play!

Elf On A ShelfSo far Joshua has loved every location this week but he had 2 favourites; one in his toy plane and on the zip slide with a super man cape …. you may wonder how I know they were is favourites … Firstly he never shut up about them and then told EVERYONE he saw about it … Secondly there is that mad toddler jumping that only a toddler can do … you know the one, where their feet don’t actually leave the floor but everything else is like a jump .. oh and they are super proud of themselves!

So with renewed vigour and buckets full of enthusiasm for another week of Elf On The Shelf  this week it may get a little bit more creative … well maybe!


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16 Responses to Elf On The Shelf Oliver’s Style

  1. Claire says:

    Love those little elf doors… They are just SO cute! Bet Joshua’s loving it!

  2. Love the zip slide! I’d love to try this one. Thanks for linking up this week :)

  3. Mrs Fox says:

    I like that door, I may have to copy that, although I think I’ll just have to make one. Ha ha, I know what you mean about remembering to move the elf.

  4. Karen Bell says:

    Love the riding in the plane!

  5. I know what you mean about making a rod for your own back, but actually we’re finding the same experiences over here as you-it’s fun and the children are really enjoying it.

    • Jaime says:

      running downstairs at 4 in the morning having woken up in blind panic that the elf hasn’t been shifted is certainly interesting!

  6. Ah, the number of times we’ve had to run back downstairs to move the blooming thing! But, the boys love it :) Really like the zip line… We have to keep him out of wee girls reach, which makes it a bit harder at times!

  7. Love him in the plane! Glad it’s going down well there :)

  8. MummyTries says:

    Fabulous read. We have forgotten a couple of times too, so have to be a little creative with why she’s in the same spot ;-) glad the kids are loving Cecil – makes it all worth it xx

  9. I love the riding in the plane, might have to steal that one for Eduardo!

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