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Our local farm park is only a few minutes drive away and we love to get out and visit as often as we can. Our recent visit was interesting as on this occasion Joshua actually enjoyed the animals not just the farm machinery. In the past Joshua has cowered in the corner when hearing goats and sheep and in fact the only animal that had been acceptable to go near seemed to be the chickens, who were not in the least impressed with his chicken herding technique!

However I have to say this visit showed the signs of him becoming a big boy and it was a real eye opener! I am loosing my baby and gaining a boy!

We Made Some FriendsFeeding Our Farm FriendsAfter feeding some farm friends we headed inside to warm up, where the baby goats were having their plastic tags fitted and were rather vocal in their protests.

Indoor slide

However things got exciting when we went inside to the play barn and found it almost empty …. The Oliver’s made the most of it and had an amazing time throwing ourselves down the inside slope with a lot of laughter and a toddler who couldn’t get enough! … if truth be told I think Ollie loved it equally as much as the toddler!

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