I Was A Rat – Nottingham Playhouse 6

Nottingham Playhouse TripWe were very kindly offered by Nottingham Playhouse to visit them and watch the production I Was A Rat by Philip Pullman last night and Beth and I were so excited!

Now I have to say that the Theatre was somewhere I had never taken my daughter to and I am not sure why, It was amazing.

The Production last night of I Was A Rat was fabulous, I am not going to make out I am knowledgeable about theatre productions because I am not. However this production was not over the top with effects and backdrops which made it really easy to keep my focus on what was happening on stage.

I was a ratThe story is based on a rat boy who finds himself taken in by a kind older couple (Bob and Joan) who want to look after him as if he was their own and they decided to call him Roger.

Since Roger used to be a rat things are not plain sailing as Bob and Joan  try to discover if they can keep him.

i was a rat2


The story in parts was quite deep although Beth who is 12 had no problems following it and her eyes never left the stage! The whole production flowed beautifully  and we were both so enthralled that we were still chatting about it this morning!

Beth and I loved the fact that the actors played multiple parts and pulled it off so well. The dancing by Fox Jackson-keen (Roger) was absolutely fabulous!

IwasaratI think visiting the Theatre may just become a regular thing for us at The Oliver’s Madhouse!

This productions is on at Nottingham Playhouse until Sunday 13th April as part of the National Tour.



Disclaimer: The tickets for this production were given to us free for the purposes of reviewing. However all opinions and thoughts are independently formed by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse.

Photo Credit: Robert Day



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6 thoughts on “I Was A Rat – Nottingham Playhouse

    • Jaime Post author

      Beth thoroughly enjoyed it! she no word of a lie was sat on the edge of her seat totally absorbed x

  • Alexander Residence

    It was so good to meet you at long last. And I am so pleased you enjoyed it, especially as it was the first family trip. It was great to have a mother daughter trip out wasn’t it – love your pic :) Sounds like we will see you next time, hopefully chat for longer? x

    • Jaime Post author

      It was so lovely to meet you too!! its all very surreal meeting people that you tweet and read about in real life! We are certainly going to be going again! would be great to talk to you longer next time too :-)

    • Jaime Post author

      Hi Donna, it was to meet you too! I am going to get the Philip Pullman books i think i have never read any and after loving this production i think its a must! hope to chat to you more next time x