Keeping Warm This Winter … The Sensible Way

Well the time has come that the heating is now become a permanent fixture in our daily lives and it had got me thinking.

This time last year we were struggling with the most ancient of heating systems with no timer and not enough humph to power the radiators we had installed, I believe that our old back boiler was installed at some point not long after I was born!  … so needless to say we had a love hate relationship with it.

We loved it for the 35 minutes a day it worked

…… and hated it for the remainder!

Over the 4 years I have lived in this house I had become accustomed to the inflated gas bills and the fact that the bill was almost as as much as our other bills combined!

So just a few months ago I was having a mini meltdown (not through a warm house) when we realised that the boiler was dead on its feet and a new one would have to be installed… for those of you that know me you will know it was not so much the cost that had me quivering but more the mess!

Keeping Warm the sensible wayEven finding the missing sock was not enough for me to enjoy seeing the back of our very old boiler. Although I had hated it, we had become used to its fickle ways …. I’m lying I was just beside myself with the mess although secretly pleased that the massive jumpers could be ditched! … Wait does that make me fickle too?

Keeping Warm with a new boiler

So here we are a few months after the installation and we have finally noticed the difference with the cost of our bills but that has not stopped us looking  at further ways of reducing costs and making this heating system work for us. Now obviously I am not saying everyone needs a brand spanking boiler to save money. However I have been told the new App Hive Active Heating is a new product which lets you monitor, alter and control your heating and hot water all through the touch of a button on your smartphone or browser! Where you can adjust the schedules and temperatures while your away from home with the option for alerts to be sent to your mobile if temperatures reach a certain level.

Now being a massive app fan and an even bigger fan of saving cash and having hot water when I need it in a warm home I am so liking this concept.

Short of wearing extra layers, using draft excluder’s and heated blankets … what other things have you found to keep warm this winter?

And my final question is the age old one …….. is it cheaper to leave the heating on all day at a lower level or to have it scheduled higher and lower throughout the day?? …..  if anyone knows please do let me know!

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