My Weight Loss Journey – Putting My Best Foot Forward 28

Putting My Best Foot ForwardThis week has been all about keeping moving and putting my best foot forward.

My confidence is beginning to lift and I am feeling the effects in everything I have done this week, which is always a bonus!

With 5 weeks to go till the Team Honk baton gets to me and I take on my epic 20 mile sponsored walk/jog/run I have to say positivity is oozing out of every pore .. or should that be sweat?!

With this weeks food I have been a little on the naughty side as I am using Diet Chef to help me get my weight back under control after a 2 stone increase from giving up smoking, but with one of my besties birthdays which did include eating out and 7 hours of pub time …. (please note this is certainly not the norm for me!) followed by a couple of other misdemeanors on the food front it has left me feeling a tad guilty but in honesty I if I dropped off the Diet Chef I soon jumped back on again and It didn’t last long.

In the gym I have really tried to push myself and on one occasion this week I even attended at 7.30 am .. surely that’s dedication?

My calf is feeling so much better too as I now have a calf support to help me with my reoccurring shine splints and to help me stop tearing my calf muscle! Along with some super duper sweat pants that I have been hankering after from I am feeling so much better about this journey and I am starting to feel I look better too!

To The Nitty Gritty….

Weight loss this week:   – 1.5 lbs

Inch loss this week:      -1 inch

Total Lost This Year …..

Weight lost this year:  -5.5 lbs

Inch loss this year:   – 3.5 inches

So all in all I am still really really chuffed with this weeks efforts I did over indulge but I did get back on the Diet Chef programme and I did maintain my exercise so all in all it could of been worse but If I really try this week it will be so much better!!

Team Honk Relay Sponsorship Disclaimer: I have been given 28 days worth of Diet Chef for free, however all opinions were independently formed by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse

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