My Weight Loss Journey Week 17 of 2013 24

weight loss week 17

This week has been the most interesting and the hardest!

Firstly I have to say a massive thanks to Tim Lawson (you can find him on Twitter @timlawsonpt) who has taken the time to educate this fat numpty on what I am doing not only at Boot Camp but also for pointing out the error of my food munching ways!

The fact is although I am eating reasonably healthy I am leaving way too long between my meals and this does not help with my weight loss. I am now eating every 3-4 hours by having a snack between my smaller meals, with things like nuts, seeds and fruit. This will hopefully boost my metabolism so it doesn’t think its starving and store!

I have also cut down on carbs during the day in general and also cut them out altogether after 5pm! Now I thought this would be the hardest thing to do but to be fair its not been as bad as I thought!

Boot Camps are also where you will now find me loitering 3 times a week, soon to be increased to 4! I must be mad!

This week if I am honest Boot Camps have killed me! Monday night consisted of an extra circuit working on legs and after a minute and a half of sumo walking I really did feel like crying, although I wont give Tim the satisfaction of thinking I have cracked … I smile through gritted teeth!!

In the picture it shows my nemesis  the tractor tyre its a killer, tyre flipping is something I have only ever come across on World’s Strongest Man .. needless to say with this bad boy I should have buns of steel .. but with such a large amount of flab it may take some time!

Yes at times this week I have been in pain and have felt defeated but hell I am feeling pretty damn good with myself at the minute, more to the point …. I am doing it and nothings going to get in my way!

Weight This Week:

Not weighed in…

Total Weight Loss Since Jan 2012

4 Stone

This Weeks Targets Were:

  • 2 x Boot Camps
  • 3 x 3 Mile Walks (min)
  • Drink more water
  • Try and cut as many carbs from meals as possible

What I Completed:

  • 3 x Boot Camps
  • 1x 3 Mile Walk
  • Drank More Water
  • Cut Carbs Out After 5pm

Next Weeks Targets:

  • 3 x Boot Camps
  • 10 minutes each day on things like squats and plank
  • Drink more water
  • Try and cut as many carbs from meals as possible still
  • Eat Breakfast (porridge and fruit) everyday
  • Eat smaller portions and more frequently

Also if any of you have not seen my shamelessly plugging tweets across on Twitter ……..Or my Shameless Post last week. I have been shortlisted for the prestigious Bib Awards and If anyone would like to vote for me in either Inspire or Social Media I would be eternally grateful!


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