My Weight Loss Journey Week 17 of 2013

weight loss week 17

This week has been the most interesting and the hardest!

Firstly I have to say a massive thanks to Tim Lawson (you can find him on Twitter @timlawsonpt) who has taken the time to educate this fat numpty on what I am doing not only at Boot Camp but also for pointing out the error of my food munching ways!

The fact is although I am eating reasonably healthy I am leaving way too long between my meals and this does not help with my weight loss. I am now eating every 3-4 hours by having a snack between my smaller meals, with things like nuts, seeds and fruit. This will hopefully boost my metabolism so it doesn’t think its starving and store!

I have also cut down on carbs during the day in general and also cut them out altogether after 5pm! Now I thought this would be the hardest thing to do but to be fair its not been as bad as I thought!

Boot Camps are also where you will now find me loitering 3 times a week, soon to be increased to 4! I must be mad!

This week if I am honest Boot Camps have killed me! Monday night consisted of an extra circuit working on legs and after a minute and a half of sumo walking I really did feel like crying, although I wont give Tim the satisfaction of thinking I have cracked … I smile through gritted teeth!!

In the picture it shows my nemesis  the tractor tyre its a killer, tyre flipping is something I have only ever come across on World’s Strongest Man .. needless to say with this bad boy I should have buns of steel .. but with such a large amount of flab it may take some time!

Yes at times this week I have been in pain and have felt defeated but hell I am feeling pretty damn good with myself at the minute, more to the point …. I am doing it and nothings going to get in my way!

Weight This Week:

Not weighed in…

Total Weight Loss Since Jan 2012

4 Stone

This Weeks Targets Were:

  • 2 x Boot Camps
  • 3 x 3 Mile Walks (min)
  • Drink more water
  • Try and cut as many carbs from meals as possible

What I Completed:

  • 3 x Boot Camps
  • 1x 3 Mile Walk
  • Drank More Water
  • Cut Carbs Out After 5pm

Next Weeks Targets:

  • 3 x Boot Camps
  • 10 minutes each day on things like squats and plank
  • Drink more water
  • Try and cut as many carbs from meals as possible still
  • Eat Breakfast (porridge and fruit) everyday
  • Eat smaller portions and more frequently

Also if any of you have not seen my shamelessly plugging tweets across on Twitter ……..Or my Shameless Post last week. I have been shortlisted for the prestigious Bib Awards and If anyone would like to vote for me in either Inspire or Social Media I would be eternally grateful!


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24 Responses to My Weight Loss Journey Week 17 of 2013

  1. Steph savery says:

    You’re doing fantastic with these boot camps :)

    Hope This week goes just as well for you and I look forward to reading next weeks update



  2. You go girl!!! You are doing so amazingly well honey, keep up the great work :)) xxx

  3. Sam says:

    Wow Jaime! That is impressive – I felt tired just reading your post lol. Keep going my lovely, you are doing brilliantly xxxx

  4. Way to go, you. With a name like yours, you really ought to be eating well every night?!!!
    Been on a fitness/body journey myself this last year too. Now fitter then I was in my 20s or 30s and getting closer to the body I feel comfortable with. keep it up!

  5. Sandy Calico says:

    Wow, you’ve done so well. I’m a grazer, but I try not to eat after 6pm. Good luck this week!

  6. Shell Louise says:

    I thought I’d try not eating after 6pm this week to see if it makes a difference. I tend to snack loads when the kids are in bed and while it’s not doing any harm at the moment I reckon it’ll be better for me if I can get out of the habit.
    I’m really impressed with how you’re not only keeping up with boot camp but adding an extra class to the week! You’re an inspiration to us all, well done :) xx

  7. You already know you inspire me especially with the fitness efforts. Great tips in this post too on timing of meals and so on. Thanks for remaining a valued member of the #WobblesWednesday crew

    • Jaime says:

      Lauren they are mental, think giant tyre flipping, push ups, squats, sprinting, crunches, lunges and a whole heap of laughs! they are immense x

  8. Cathy says:

    I’m so pleased Jaime to read that you completed more Boot Camps than you aimed for. Well done with all your achievements this week :-)

  9. Susan Mann says:

    Way to go, you are doing amazing. xx

  10. another good week, well done

  11. Going too long between meals is probably my biggest problem too. I’ve added a link to you on my list of weight loss stories on my blog. Keep up the good work.

    • Jaime says:

      awww thanks so much Matt will be over to visit probably tomorrow now we have just got back from the weekend away and i am on full washing machine mission! xx

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