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shutterstock_174215792 (1)Graduation is a special time for many people and although I never graduated in the formal sense of graduation gowns and ceremonies I love to watch others. 

Just one of the many important parts of graduating is the photographs, as it’s a day that you will want to remember and commemorate forever. There are always professional photographers on hand during the day to take your photo, but if you want something a little more personalised, here are some great ideas…

Doing it at home
Perhaps the most obvious place to take your photos is at home, as this is arguably the most personal place of all. You can get your family gathered in the garden or living room and then taken some photos of everyone in the smart get up. However, unless you have bought or privately rented your graduation gown, then you probably won’t be wearing it in the photos. Marston Robing have a decent selection of gowns and mortarboards if you do want to get your own.

Get together with friends
For most people, one of the biggest things to take away from your time at university is the people you meet and the friends you make. Therefore, it’s only right that you’ll probably want plenty of photos with them on graduation day. You can get together with your friends at some of your favourite places at university, whether that’s someone’s bedroom, your favourite restaurant or just somewhere picturesque you enjoy hanging out.

Professional photography
If you want your graduation photos taken professionally but don’t fancy the same old photos they take on the day, then you could always go to a professional studio and try something a bit different. For example, if you go to Venture, then you can come up with all sorts of graduation and family photo ideas aside from the usual ‘standing still holding a plastic scroll’ picture. You can make the photos a lot more fun and get family, friends and even pets involved if you really want to.

The hat throw
Probably the most famous of all graduation photos is the obligatory hat throw in which graduates all toss their mortar boards in the air to show they’ve finished at university. You can take this photo pretty much anywhere so try doing it somewhere special to you if you can and try and get your closest friends involved. Having said that I still love the You’ve been framed moments when someone gets a clunk on the head! 

Get your lecturers involved
When you’re at school, teachers aren’t considered the coolest people in the world, but there’s a good chance you get on pretty well with your university lecturers and will want something by which to remember them. They will almost definitely be at your graduation ceremony in all of their own official regalia, although you can always grab them at the end of your last lecturer and pressure them into a photograph then.

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