Project 365 Week 30 of 2014 22

week 30week30So it’s really only 22 weeks till Christmas?? … does that mean in my excited warped way I can start to get excited? 

Back to this week .. what have we been doing in The Oliver’s Madhouse….

Saturday 19th July – I spent the morning with the teen while she had a young driver driving lesson in Nottingham .. We loved them 

Sunday 20th July – Some Maxi-Cosi time in our new car seat (Maxi-Cosi Axiss) it even swivels! 

Monday 21st July – After wanting my implant out for a while it seemed that it had gone very deep and so I had to have a special appointment to dig for it! .. needless to say it was not the most pleasent! 

Tuesday 22nd July – My best friends daughter (my soon to be goddaughter) was visiting her new nursery for a few hours as my friend is going back to work after maternity leave and so I went to spend some time with just me and my friend … although still got some Freya smiles so it was all good.

Wednesday 23rd July – Another fantastic delivery .. we are total crocs fans and these are the hubbys and toddlers pairs 

Thursday 24th July – A day jet washing and garden tidying meant Joshua decided to inspect my work in his pants and vest! 

Friday 25th July – I spotted some random flowers sprouting at the end of the road earlier in the month but for the last couple of days I have been taking photos of them as they really are beautiful! 

So what have you been up to this week? 


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