Project 365 Week 4 of 2014 72

Project 365 Week 4Week 4

This week has been a non stop roller coaster of catch ups, new things and excitement!

Saturday 18th January – For my friend Lindsey’s birthday I caught up with both her and Franki (in the pic) for some food and ..lots of drinks! Although we don’t see each other often they are the kind of friends that no matter how long its been since seeing each other its like no time as passed at all.

Sunday 19th January – After visiting Grandma and Grandads for lunch Joshua spent the afternoon with his jigsaws. Recently he has been obsessed with them.

Monday 20th January – I spent the morning playing with some new make-up from Sheer Cover, more on that soon…

Tuesday 21st January – A fantastic time in the morning meeting up with the lovely Ellie from The Mummy Diary and her gorgeous little girl. Its so nice to have a meet in real life. The afternoon then kicked off with a trip for Joshua to the dentists for his first ever appointment.

Wednesday 22nd January – Since being back at the gym I have avoided the weights and just concentrated on cardio but I did finally have a few minuted with them this time.

Thursday 23rd January – Yay!! my new Sports Relief items have arrived for my 20 mile walk/jog/run next months … You can read more about my leg of the Team Honk Relay HERE

Friday 24th January – Joshua spent the afternoon idolising after the beautiful baby Freya, although she was not as impressed as she had toothache! I spent the afternoon having a catch up with my lovely friend Stacey and having some lovely baby cuddles as a bonus.

What did you get up to this week?

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