Project 365 Week 5 of 2014 67

Project 365 Week 5Week 5This week has been hectic and vomit covered!

Saturday 25th January – My hockey match was cancelled, which was probably a good job since Joshua was off colour and mardy! I also used the time to work through the night to catch up with college assignments.

Sunday 26th January – Projectile vomit from the smallest member of the household meant PJ’s and quiet time .. however there is always time to make a quick call to Daddy on the plastic iron.

Monday 27th January – Joshua went out with Daddy for some fresh air and I made a start on decorating our bedroom.

Tuesday 28th January – We were a little unsure on the colour to start with but its growing on us.

Wednesday 29th January – Since most of our new soft furnishings have come from The Range, we had forgotten we needed some extra pillow cases and a ceiling lampshade so we popped down the road and finally started putting everything back together. Although everything was not plan sailing when I came down with the lurgy too!

Thursday 30th January – Final morning waking up in the living room camped out on the floor. Although I think Joshua loved getting into our ‘camp bed’ in the morning … well its either that or it was my iPad with the app I reviewed the other day!

Friday 31st January – The finishing touches are now in and the room is fully complete … and we love it .. I will be blogging about it next week.

What did you get up to this week?


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