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Red Hot World Buffet NottinghamRed hot world buffet: our first visit as a Taste Maker – So for those of you that missed my twitter excitement ‘The Oliver’s Madhouse’ was picked as one of their prestigious Taste Makers and we were so very excited!

So with my 34th Birthday on Tuesday we booked into Red Hot World Buffet for a birthday luncheon …

Now for those of you that don’t know the Red Hot World Buffet in Nottingham moved into new premises in the Corner House approximately a year ago. Now having been several times to the old location and only once (one very hurried lunch) we were looking forward to taking our time and really exploring the lunch options.

Now one of the best features in my opinion of this eatery is the vast choice, with a family with 3 opinions of what they want (the 4th one is too little to get a choice) Meals out have been an epic decision making mission and with having food options literally from around the world has meant in the past we all really can have what we all want under one roof!

Red Hot World Buffet Nottingham On our visit on Tuesday we took the lift downstairs and were seated at our table. Now when arriving this time we really got to see the building in all its glory. Last time we went at the end of service and the place was so packed I didn’t really see all the little bits around the building that made the theme for the visit. This time I was able to finally see the famous cockpit booths and the fantastic wall murals.

Red Hot World BuffetFood Wise we were not disappointed the choice was large and for the first few minutes of walking to the food area I did wonder round just taking it all in. We particularity loved the calamari, shish kebab, wet fries, green Thai curry, Cajun wedges and the  chicken tikka masala … Joshua’s favourite was by far the all you can eat ice cream machine!

I love the fantastic choice you can have with the fresh cooked to order options too and this is on my list for next time!

With having a toddler eating with us we found that the fact you can speed up your visit if needed (screaming over tired toddler) as it really is great to eat at your own pace without having to wait between courses but equally we weren’t under any pressure to leave either which was fantastic.

Having been just at lunchtimes we really would love our next visit to be in the evening to see what other options are available at night. Lunchtime obviously doesn’t have the full menu running so already thinking there is lots of choice at lunch we would be super excited to see how much more is offered in the evening….. any excuse to go back!

Red Hot

We really loved visiting for my birthday and cant wait to come back hopefully next time in the evening to see how much more is available than at a lunch time!

The only little issue I found with this fantastic place was the lift that is used if you have a pushchair to get to the restaurant actually does have some mops and a hoover right outside, which it would be amazing to see being moved out of sight?!

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Disclaimer: Our meals and drinks were complimentary as a Red Hot World Buffet Taste Maker, although all opinions were independently formed by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse.



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