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Parent PackA few weeks ago Beth and I were asked if firstly we had heard of the Goodyear Driving Academy and young driver lessons and Secondly if Beth would actually like to take part. 

Now for anyone that like us that had not heard of this programmed before  Goodyear, is on a mission to tackle the underlying attitudes and behaviours of young drivers which it believes are at the root of some of the issues of young driver road safety.

 When I passed my driving practical and theory test *cough, cough* a few year ago I was peeved at having to do 2 parts to pass my test. Now I am a parent of a teen, even the current test system that includes one theory test, one hazard perception test and one practical test I feel it’s not enough to ensure our young drivers have an extensive understanding of road safety and understand about the complexities of driving a car. 

Goodyear have introduced a graduated learning programme from an early age to allow tweens/teens to develop their understanding of what the whole package that driving brings. This programme is aimed at 11 -17 year olds and there are 30 locations spread across England, Scotland and Wales! 

Young Driver Online TrainingTo help teach our teens there is also an online driving highway code quiz and online game which to be fair were fantastic and Beth did really well with the online stuff.

To help more there is even a Parent Pack which covers things like pedestrian rules, speed limits, road signs, driving conditions and car maintenance. 

So how do we really feel about Young Driver lessons? 

We are both excited and anxious probably in equal measures … 

So now to go to the lesson …. if we can contain our excitement!! 

magic moments 150x150

Disclaimer: This was a complementary activity in which we were asked to give an honest review of our experiences.  

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