Review: Wentworth Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles

logoHaving an inquisitive toddler on the go all day  finding things to occupy his mind and challenge him, all the while being under 90 decibels can be harder than I thought!

So recently we started looking at far quieter and more challenging activities and realised we had never really delved into the world of puzzles, so when we were contacted and asked if we would like to try a Wentworth Puzzle we were super excited!

I headed over to the site and found the website super easy to navigate so I easily found the children’s puzzles, although the youngest age for the puzzles is 3-4 years and Joshua is 2 years 8 months, I was not concerned at still ordering since puzzles are wooden and are an activity that I love and the anally retentive in me would be present when the puzzles are out as I could not cope with the pieces going missing!

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In the youngest age range there were 13 differing designs from dinosaurs to fairies and some learning puzzles too!  Being a massive animal fan my little man liked the look of the ‘Jungle Crew

When the puzzle arrived I loved the fact it came with a beautiful drawstring bag so even if the box became damaged you wouldn’t loose any pieces (I love it!)

Wentworth Wooden puzzle

The puzzle is beautifully constructed and has some fantastic little unique shapes lurking within the puzzle  that we loved and Joshua now loves collecting these shapes first then loves leaving them to the end to add!

We loved the construction of the puzzle with lots of really unique shapes in general and the edges are well cut. With super sturdy pieces and the beautifully crafted shapes its a lovely puzzle that is built to take little fingers (or big in my case!)

Wentworth Wooden PuzzleWith a massive range to suite lots of different abilities and ages there is a puzzle for everyone.

We have loved playing with this puzzle and can see it being a favourite.

For those still needing to purchase a gift for a loved one this festive season, these would make a lovely present

Disclaimer: We were given this product for the purposes of reviewing, all opinions were individually formed by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse.

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  1. Looks lovely – I do love a good puzzle

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