Silent Sunday 26/1/14

Silent Sunday 26/1/14

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77 Responses to Silent Sunday 26/1/14

  1. Notmyyearoff says:

    That’s really pretty! I don’t think I’ve seen one with two colours like that.

  2. Modelmummy says:

    Is this little beauty from your garden?
    You have done a great job bringing life back into an uncared for space. Pretty!

  3. I love droopy roses in these colours – gorgeous.

  4. Fresh flowers are just wonderful for cheering you up. I’m trying to make sure I always have some around from now on :)

  5. Oana79 says:

    A picture that says a thousand words: beauty, death, passage of time, colour…

  6. what beautiful complimenting colours!

  7. Still holding on , fragile beauty

  8. That’s beautiful, but kind of sad too.

  9. HPMcQ says:

    quick give it some water!

  10. Beautiful capture, I love the colours

  11. shahnaz says:

    Beautiful x wilting flower x

  12. Charly Dove says:

    Fabulous colour – so nice to see at this time of the year too :)

  13. I love flowers in the house, just sad to see them fade away x

  14. That’s so pretty, a reminder that spring is on the way!

  15. Kim Carberry says:

    The colours are so pretty!! x

  16. jollyjillys says:

    thats so beautiful. I am learning how to make sugar flowers right now so its nice to see a real one.

  17. Angela says:

    I love weathered flowers, they have a story to tell don’t they?

  18. Fragile but still beautiful.

  19. Beautiful photo. Kind of sad, but such a lovely flower x

  20. Seems amazing that this was from your garden in January when my garden has been under a foot of snow since November and probably will be for months yet! Very pretty

  21. Looking at other comments, agree, pretty and sad. A little frayed around the edges….something I can empathise with!

  22. Lovely rose from your garden – let’s hope you have many more to enjoy.

  23. Bibsey Mama says:

    Fading beauty captured. A lovely image, if a little sad.

  24. ListeningMum says:

    What lovely colours and still clinging on!!

  25. ojo henley says:

    That’s almost looks like paper x

  26. LauraCYMFT says:

    Lovely colours! I love flowers.

  27. With this weather the flowers dont know whether to bloom if they do the frost gets them i love your shot

  28. Fragile beauty is glorious

  29. ojo henley says:

    It almost looks like paper x

  30. Foz says:


    I have a couple like that in my garden…wondering how much longer they will last!

  31. MumLee says:

    That’s fab click..:)

  32. I’m amazed by how many roses I’m seeing still in the cold weather – I used to think roses were difficult to care for but they seem pretty hardy round here!

  33. Jaime says:

    its a full rose clinging onto life!

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