Braun Thermoscan 7 Thermometer Review & Giveaway

review & Giveaway braun thermoscan 7 thermometerNow the winter season is upon us, it would come as no surprise to say there will be bugs, illness and colds hiding round the corner and I for one am dreading it. 

The bugs drifting from one person to another until every member of the household is down with a vile winter bug and you just cant shift it. 

Well I can’t offer any secret cures but anything that can help me eliminate some of the stress and guess-work is always a welcome commodity in my house, so when we were sent the new Braun Thermoscan 7 Thermometer to review it couldn’t have come at a better time. 

My house over the last week has been teeming with germs and snot and high temperatures so this was an ideal time to try it out! 

The newest thermometer from Braun host some new fangled specialness with its age precision. 

Braun Thermoscan 7 Thermometer has some really unique features such as the age adjustment (making sure that the reading is correct to the person age) along with ExacTemp positioning system and also the colour coded LCD screen meaning that you select the child’s age and LCD screen will also show colours from green, yellow and red depending on the person temperature:

– green (normal temperature)
– yellow (elevated temperature)
– red (high temperature)

To top it off the new Braun ThermoScan 7 also has a pre-warmed tip which not only is more comfortable but also is designed to take a more accurate reading.

But that all being said, how did I really get on with The Braun ThermoScan? 

The easy answer to that is …. easily, I had expected with it  being packed with technology it would confuse me a little (it doesn’t take much) however I certainly wasn’t left feeling silly with it. 

It has super simple instructions which made it really easy to understand making for one chilled out Jaime, which is what you need if you have a little one that is poorly. 

Overall I am so pleased with it I am not sure how I used to cope before! 

Don’t worry however as one luck reader will get the chance to win a Braun ThermoScan 7 thermometer of their own as the folks at Braun are sharing the Christmas love. To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is follow the rafflecopter widget below.

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Disclaimer: These products were given to us for the purposes of giving an honest review. All Opinions in this review were independently formed by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse

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Review: Breville Halo+ Health Fryer

review breville halo+When I was asked recently if we would be interested in reviewing the Breville Halo+ Health Fryer there were squeals! 

For anyone that doesn’t follow my blog, I am on a weight loss journey and I am always struggling to find things that I can cook or use to make healthier meals for the whole family to enjoy. So needless to say trying out the new Breville Halo+ Health Fryer was going to be an amazing opportunity. 

When it arrived it was well packed and has some handy tips on the front in relation to timings of things. However the I was still reeling from the term ‘health’ and fryer’ in the same sentence …. but its true it certainly has the taste and texture as fully ‘fried’ but obviously it uses a bucketful less fat or oil!

My second observation with this machine is … it’s never going to blend into a kitchen .. however I personally think that’s a good thing, I like quirky and adore the colours of the Breville Halo+ .. I also love the fact it tilts when cooking certain things along with the amount of things that you can cook! 

breville halo+First thing tackled in this Health Fryer had to be chips!! … well we never normally have then as we don’t like frozen chips so it would make a nice change to have chips. 

With only half a spoon of oil needed for a 1kg of real chip potatoes it was fab. Although having said that we did remove some half way through just to speed up the cooking time as one batch takes 35 minutes …….. but WOW WOW .. they really were tasty like the chips cooked in a deep fat fryer! 

They were crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle .. delicious! 

What I totally loved with this fryer is the fact it’s so easy to clean, and if you are lucky enough to own a dishwasher then you wash in there too! (for me I will have to keep donning my marigolds) 

chipsSo far I have cooked chips, fish and jacket potatoes …. next on the list is cake! .. yep you can cook cakes in there too Yippee! 

This really is a super handy machine and it’s certainly a keeper in this kitchen .. if it multi tasks then it stays … although to make it perfect can you make one Breville that washes up please?

Disclaimer: These products were given to us for the purposes of giving an honest review. All Opinions in this review were independently formed by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse

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Peacocks and Picnics

peacocks and picnicsPeacocks and picnics is not something I would have thought I would be thinking about at the end of November … 

During the Summer we really made the most of the sunshine but we didn’t really make the most of our local area and we vowed that regardless of the weather and the time, we would make time to discover what was on our doorstep. 

Over a year ago we visited Newstead Abbey for an emergency services day and although it was a fantastic day it was so so busy .. in fact it was so busy we barely glanced round the grounds. Since then we had planned to return but hadn’t so with Ollie off work and the drizzle finally letting up we headed off on an adventure. 

peacockWith rain coats and wellies and a mini picnic for good measure we headed off from the car park to the long-awaited grounds of the abbey to be confronted by this beauty! … standing on guard across the path this peacock was not in any hurry at all to let us past and it seemed totally indifferent to us.

I don’t think we had ever been so close to one before or if we are ever likely to be again, however it was stunning to look at. 

When we left that morning we didn’t expect to manage to get much exploring done, however we fitted in 3 different gardens and then decided to take a break in a waterfall … as you do! 

peeking from behind a waterfallSince the rain had been torrential we had decided on leaving our planned picnic at home, however there is always time for a mini picnic and today was no different .. we took snacks and the Vita Coco drinks we had planned for our picnic … even if our picnic was somewhat odd we had the most amazing morning. 

We really are going to have to make more of an effort to visit more of what is on our doorstep! 

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post

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Review: Hi-Tec Haraka Women’s Running Trainers

review hi tec haraka trainersFinding my fitness mojo has been a stop start affair with more of the stop than the start, but over recent weeks I have re joined a gym and have started making the effort to get out and walk, all things that had been easy to put off but so desperately needed. 

I wont lie I found signing up for a gym again hard, I felt totally out of my comfort zone and anxious… and although the lyrca was stretched to maximum capacity … no one noticed as my gorgeous new trainers blew them away…. 2 comments in 2 days about the beautiful colour and 1 about them looking comfortable. 

Both comments I can’t deny are both true too! .. 

When the Hi-Tec Haraka Trainers first arrived I was shocked at just how light they were, but built with a mesh upper that is supposed to increase breathability ( I can confirm that they have no sweaty smell after lots of sweating!)
hitecreview.jpgThese trainers are super comfortable and have been really fantastic in exercise classes too as they seemed to bend with my feet and not remain rigid, it was all very fluid and at times in class it felt like I was wearing slippers.

Over the last few days we have had the first of what will be many more frosts and these handled well, I’m not sure if that is due to the split aspects of the soles that makes them really spread your weight across them, or not but my goodness which ever way they are super super comfortable and for me that’s one of the biggest issues I look for in my trainers … so nice and comfy is the way forward and I don’t have the excuse to not go to the gym! 

Price wise for £34.99 the Hi-Tec Haraka Running Trainers cost I have been really impressed with them as they are more than reasonable and yet still have a really pricey look about them, I am looking forward to my weight loss journey a little more now! 

Disclaimer: These products were given to us for the purposes of giving an honest review. All Opinions in this review were independently formed by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse

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Giveaway: Win A Children’s Winter Activity Bundle

comp.jpgThis time of year is never the nicest with the cold weather and unpredictable rain and sometimes snow, so if like me you are always looking for some inside activities to keep the kids entertained while being cooped up … look no further

Recently we rediscovered Hama beads and feel in love with them all over again, with both children and myself partial to the odd play these make ideal Christmas gifts or day to day activities. 

We also love games that we can use inside and out and the so this tin can game is perfect .. enough to still feel like you are being active but without the risk of putting through a window! 

So my dear reader today you can enter to win a children’s Activity bundle to keep you and yours busy this winter when the weather is not the nicest … a perfect afternoon … although for me I would have cake on the side, although I am not supplying that, what is supplied is:

Hama Night Life Glow Beads Gift Box £12.99 – This night life glow beads gift box showcases the new glow in the dark blue hama beads. The gift box contains 2000 mixed glow beads, and the butterfly board and flower board along with the ironing paper.

Hama UFO Glow Mobile £14.28 – This is the stunning new Hama beads kit. It showcases their beautiful new glow in the dark blue beads, as well as the established red and green glowing beads, and comes with a range of planets, aliens, spaceships and rockets. Contains 1200 mixed beads.

Premium Tin Can Throwing Game £19.99 – Play this game anywhere you want to and suits age 3 years +

So while I can’t make the weather better for you to get out side I can make one person a little more contended at being contained by winning one of each of these items for themselves. 

So what you waiting for … Good Luck! 

Please note: Entrants must have a valid UK address – Full Terms and Conditions can be found on the Rafflecopter widget

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Disclaimer: This competition is being run in cooperation with the lovely folk over at MMP Living. You can keep up with other offers from them on their Facebook & Twitter.

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Review: Spin Collective Christmas Wall Stickers

Review Spin CollectiveFor those of you that have read this blog for a while, you will know I first came across Spin Collective when I added space stickers to Joshua’s bedroom walls last year. 

So recently when I got the chance to review yet more of Spin Collectives I jumped at the chance…. and with it bordering on the festive season there was no choice …. its Christmas! 

Spin Collective have lots of really fantastic Festive style stickers with some gorgeous Christmas fabric stars sticker and festive fabric bunting stickers .. however I fell in love with the Fabric Christmas tree sticker

With stunningly beautiful contrasting materials all in my living room colours .. this was the one of choice. 

Now my mini dilemma came when I realised that I had no flat non wallpaper walls (they stick far better on flat walls) so I decided that my patio door was the place to go…. although I did think that my second choice was going to be the door! 
Spin Collective .jpgWhen my Fabric Christmas tree sticker arrived I feel in love with it, the colourings and pattens were beautiful it came with instructions on how to get the best from your sticker in terms of where to stick and how.
spin collective.jpgI loved the fact that is repositionable, which means if you keep the backing paper you can re-stick it back on and use it for more than one year as it claims “Can be repositioned many times” which for me is great as it certainly means that its value for money! 

The woven effect on the front of the sticker really added to the quality feel of the sticker in my opinion.

This is without a shadow of a doubt a lovely addition to our Christmas décor…. and if that is not enough … I have my eye on some  Snowflake Window Stickers

Disclaimer: We were sent this item in return for an honest review, therefore all opinions within this review have been independently formed by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse

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