Giveaway: Win 1 of 2 Prizes From Honestech to Convert VHS to DVD

OK I know it won’t be long till the point in time where I mention to my children about VHS tapes and videos and they will without doubt roll their eyes and think I am taking another step closer to being nuts…. and it will confirm to them I am ancient in their eyes (doesn’t every child think someone over the age of 30 is old?!)

video to DVD

So what is a Honestech VHS to DVD converter & Vidbox?

The VHStoDVD 7.0 (PC users) and VIDBOX (for Mac users) enables consumers to “save their precious memories” by converting older analog and digital format videos and music including; VHS, Beta, VHS-C and cassettes onto new platforms and media including; DVD, Blu-ray™ DVD, YouTube™ and SkyDrive™. Version 7 adds new features including cloud storage via SkyDrive and enhanced Blu-Ray™ menu capabilities.

The new VHStoDVD and VIDBOX allows users to customize their video by adding background music and special effects.  Capture still images and adjust video brightness, contrast and saturation. Burn DVD/Blu-ray discs with menu options.  Watch HD video on iPad or iPhone and share online via Facebook™ and YouTube™.

So with these super nifty Honestech devices all those treasured memories from years gone by can be saved and brought out at the next family gathering or even to embarass your brother with on Facebook! 

Please note: Entrants must have a valid UK address – Full Terms and Conditions can be found on the Rafflecopter widget. Both winners have the option to choose from a VHStoDVD converter or a VIDBOX depending on their need. Each unit is worth £59 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: These products have been given for the purposes of the competition. We have not been compensated in anyway for hosting this giveaway. 

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Things To Do With Flora Buttery’s Funspiration

With the School holidays coming to an end for us and the 6 weeks are looming and the thought of having to keep both Children entertained makes me begin to panic! Having said that I am always grateful for any inspiration and Ideas that I come across so when I was asked to take a look at Flora Buttery’s new ‘Funspiration Activity Guide’ – a free online guide which is designed to provide quick and simple activities to keep the kids entertained come rain or shine I jumped at the chance! 

flora.jpgThe guide was written by children’s author, Tanith Carey, specifically for those days when you need  inspiration to stop the annoyingly restless children from driving you crazy. Each of the 15 activities needs no more than five things and 15 minutes to prepare. 

So with a Child in desperate need of some entertainment and a husband being a cake fiend we made a start on some Banana Cupcakes! 

I set off with some simple ingredients and a willing helper to create the tastiest cupcakes ever!!

Making Banana CupcakesSo after stirring, mixing, adding and squeezing buttercream icing we added banana chips to some and popping candy to the others and then they were ready for eating! 

Joshua was really over the moon to do some baking, even if at 3 he was gutted the bananas went into the mix (he wanted to eat them minus cake mix)  

Having taken a look at the whole list of ideas I am really pleased that they have a variety of on offer not just baking 

Disclaimer:  We were given some complimentary ingredients for making these cakes. Although all thoughts and opinions are made independently by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse


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Review & Giveaway: An Innovative BibT Top

BibT topRecently I was introduced to the brand BibT which has been newly launched by London based Mum of 2 Emily. 

What are BibT’s?

“BibT’s are 100% organic, fair trade tops which feel super soft but are also wipe-clean, right up to the collar line, so your toddler feels deliciously comfortable and can stay squeaky-clean all day. They resist food, paint, mud and dribble.

They work like a bib and a luxury T-shirt in one. The long sleeve versions have wipe clean cuffs too to avoid soggy sleeves. There are 4 trendy designs and 7 fabulous colours to choose from”

So how did we get on with it?

First off I have to say that this concept really appealed to me from the word go. Joshua now being 3, means that in fairness I should be stepping away from the standard bib but his dire clumsiness with food and his ability to cover his clothes with it I had been slightly dubious about getting rid of the standard issue bibs but this top has been great. My little man can be a little man without me covering him with a babies bib! 

The character is completely wipe clean and we have wiped off baked beans, jam, and water to name a few of the things we have tackled with it and I can confirm we have easily wiped them off with no residual marks .. and water just runs down the front and does not hang round the neck line! Which made me wish we had one of these for Joshua at that super soggy stage they go though as babies with the cutting teeth and dribbling! 

Sizing wise these tops come from 6 months to 4 years old so they would be perfect for the soggy tot stage, mini picasso or even the mud pie maker!

Now having had this top now for over a month and having not yet got my review out (till now) I need to tell you there has been a method in my madness. I have been making Joshua wear so I can wash repeatedly over the month (10 washes in) and it’s still looking great, no cracking or fading which I think is super as it’s still looking new (I washed at 30 degrees on a quick wash)

Now one of my lucky readers has the opportunity to try one for themselves too as Emily at BibT is offering a top to my winning reader in a choice of  colour, style and size.

Please note: Entrants must have a valid UK address – Full Terms and Conditions can be found on the Rafflecopter widget.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: This product was given to us for the purposes of reviewing and hosting a giveaway. However all thought’s and opinions were made independently by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse.

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#52LittleThings Week 17 – Make Time For Breakfast Everyday

52LT-Week-17For those of you that may have missed my #52LittleThings posts so far – I am taking part in weekly challenges with AXA PPP healthcare to make small changes one week at a time to become healthier and happier! 

So this week I have to say this is the one that makes me cringe and cower in the corner!

Throughout my weight loss journey previously and my current journey this is the one thing I fail spectacularly at every time! 

Now for me it’s not really about getting up earlier to have breakfast its one of 2 things, the first being I am not the kind of person who can get up and eat straight away, in fact I have to be up between and 1-2 hours before I can even feel like a sniff breakfast never mind swallow it. The second thing is that I in fact dislike milk, along with sugary cereals with a passion and so eating of breakfast becomes a little limited as to what to have.

This is has made me lazy and now I don’t eat breakfast at all! 

So why should I be eating a healthy breakfast?:

It can help to lose weight
By not eating breakfast my body will go into a fasting state and my metabolism may slow down which will affect how quickly my body burns calories.

Having more energy
By eating breakfast I would be feeding my body fuel, if I don’t fill the engine it wont work .. ans so this could be why I am tired and I struggling to focus.

Enhances a happy mood
I know skipping breakfast makes me moody.  So by making a wise choice for breakfast I  ought to save everyone from my grumpiness! 

Setting a good example
Being a parent, I need to set my children a good example. that breakfast is important no matter what your age is.

Diet Chef breakfastSo this week my plan is to look at finding a breakfast cereal which will help me stop running on empty and that I might enjoy like this one for a slow burning breakfast and most of all I have to get into a regular routine of sitting and eating breakfast! 

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with AXA PPP healthcare’s #52LittleThings and I have been compensated for this post. However all words and thoughts were developed and written by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse.


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