Feeling Overwhelmed With Life 8

I am normally not phased by things in life much and I normally tend to just get on and tackle things head on, however since returning from holiday a few weeks ago I have lost my normal stride and also lost my desire to crack on.  Currently each day seems harder work than the one before and my body just feels tired.  We have been waiting on new doors and […]

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What's In My Bag

What’s In My Bag – On Holiday!

When I heard Pink Lining were looking for ambassadors and as part of the entry they wanted to know what is in my bag I have to say there was a little bit of a cringe reaction … why?  I have the messiest handbag in the world – I still never remember that Joshua has his own bag with change of clothes and stuff in now he is 4 so my […]

Planning For The School Holidays – Wales 1

OK I know for many the thought of organising for the school holidays that are 3 -4 weeks away maybe slightly mad …. And then top it off planning a trip to Wales may also be slightly bonkers as in fact it’s not exactly guaranteed sunshine capital and it certainly isn’t an exotic location either come to that when you have the whole world to pick from. Regardless of the above […]

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magic-moments featured

Magic Moments 29/6/15 3

I am once again on the catch up this week after illness that has knocked me off my feet pretty much on and off for the last 2 weeks … So to those awaiting my visit please rest assured this week I am hoping to catch up!  With illness hopefully gone I am looking forward to getting back to some degree of normality and to experience more than just fleeting […]

Britmums Live 2015 – My Highlights 17

It has been over a week since the prestigious Britmums Live blogging conference and If I am honest I have struggled.  Struggled to get my head into gear and struggled to get my emotions in check too, hence the delay on any kind of blog post.  After last years event there seemed to be an undercurrent of negativity that I found difficult to deal with and after clearing the negativity […]


project 365 26

Project 365 Week 25 & Week 26 7

Week 25 Having started the week on our travels from our holiday in Tunisia, its been a whirlwind of a week with illness and then Britmums Live!  Saturday 13th June – The long journey home … thankfully not on this, however we did get to travel on this earlier in the week!  Sunday 14th June – A brunch catch up with the full Oliver clan for a cooked breakfast followed […]

Nintendo Splatoon on Wii U – A Review

Ok so far our gaming journey has been a mixed one and it seems that although we had found games that each member of the family loved, however finding one that we all loved was another matter.  Recently we were asked if we would like to have ago at playing the new Splatoon game on Wii U and we jumped at the chance.  Splatoon is a rather unique level game […]


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Manic Minion Countdown 1

This weekend for our Minion fanatic it will be all about the yellow fellas as the new movie is finally released and for Joshua he is heading off with Daddy tomorrow to watch the film. However the minion madness does not stop there as our local Tesco Extra store is also having Minion madness too!  At 12 Tesco Extra stores and the following 12 superstores this weekend: Clacton Elmers End Guildford […]

Outdoor Summer Toy Bundle Giveaway 30

  Outdoor Toy Bundle by jaimeoliver  Verve SPA Boules Set 8 Pieces / White purse / Tech accessory / Jacks Fun Outdoors Sticky Darts Set / Bon Bon Click And Catch Game / Simba Badminton 2 Players Set I am sure I am not the only one that is counting down to the summer holidays with mixed emotions, excitement at getting some family time but also at keeping the kids […]

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Child wearing sunglasses featured

Ways to Protect Your Child’s Eyes This Summer 2

The sun is out and kids will soon have a long break off from school. Summer is the perfect time for children to enjoy the warm weather and for you to spend quality time with them over extended beach holidays. As a parent, it can also become a worrisome time since children love spending so much time in the sun. How can you best protect your child from harmful UV […]

Magic Moments 22/6/15 1

so it will come as no surprise I am behind with anything blog related … But this week I am planning to be more on the ball! If you are tweeting me this week please don’t forget my twitter account is … @JaimeOliverUK so if your new here just to let you know you are welcome to tweet me your link throughout the week and I will happily retweet you, […]

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learning new things featured

Learning Something New And Making Memories 16

Holidays are always fantastic family time for us as they are for most, however while on holiday in Tunisia recently I got to witness a beautiful bonding time with father and son. During the midday sun we were looking for things to do to keep us out of the intense heat when Ollie decided to teach Joshua to play pool.  When I first went out with Ollie back in our […]

Graco Metro Pushchair Review 3

OK I know most of my regular readers will be aware of the fact that I am in fact a pushchair whore and although Joshua is getting bigger I now have the luxury of being able to look after my goddaughter when I need pushchair fixes and so when we were asked to take a look at the new Graco Metro we jumped at the chance as with my partner […]

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