Magic Moments 27/7/15

As some of you that follow my instagram and Twitter feeds may have already guessed …. This week I am missing in action … we are sunning ourselves in the beautiful Mark Warner Lavente Beach resort in Rhodes, making lots of magic moments!  However fear not, if you are a blogger that has headed over specifically to share your Magic Moments post with me …. All is certainly not lost […]

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Summer Time Smells With Yankee Candles 2

It’s no secret here at The Oliver’s Madhouse I have a rather large obsession with Yankee Candles and no matter what room you visit in my house there will be some Yankee Candle product loitering around ready to lift my mood. Recently I was told about their new Summer fragrances and I have to admit I am terrible at sticking to the same fragrances time and time again so jumped […]

Water Confidence On Holiday

We recently went on holiday and in the throes of returning and planning what to tell you about the trip the terrible terrorist attack took over and it seemed inconsiderate to those that lost their lives in the Tunisian attack to post about our trip.  Since the holiday and the run up to the one we are currently on in Rhodes, we had planned to take Joshua swimming regularly to build […]

Water confidence

wow holiday countdown

WOW Toys – Holiday Countdown Calendar Review & Giveaway 21

Those of you that read my blog regularly will be aware that Joshua got to try out the new range of countdown calendars by WOW Toys for counting down a special day and we loved it.  So why not countdown to a holiday with WOW Toys with their Holiday Countdown Calendar that’s right. There is a dedicated Countdown Calendar for your holidays, it has the quality toys inside that I […]

Magic Moments 20/7/15 2

Last week I finally got round to visiting some of you’re lovely Magic Moments posts and I finally feel like life is getting back to normal and I am feeling the magic again!  Next week I will be on my holidays to the beautiful Mark Warner resort of Levante Beach in Rhodes so the wonderful Ellie from The Mummy Diary for holding the Magic Moments fort for me, so please do […]

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Review: Nintendo Yoshi’s Woolly World On Wii U 1

Since we are fairly new users to the Wii U we don’t have masses of games yet to play and with Joshua’s (age 4) recent obsession with the old Nintendo DS that was loitering around the house we had been looking for a game that Joshua would love and so when we were asked to take a look at the new Yoshi’s Woolly World Joshua was excited!  The story behind […]

Bean Bag Planet Review & Giveaway 5

We were recently sent a Bean Bag Planet bean bag in order to review and I have to say, until this point I had not heard about these or the brand but found the concept intriguing and so of course we said yes. Bean Bag Planet bean bags are aimed from birth to approx 7 years and come with a cover with a harness sown in for little ones that […]

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Magic Moments 13/7/15 3

Massive thanks to each and everyone of you that took the time to touch base with me last week after a family crisis. Masses of thanks to the wonderful Ellie from The Mummy Diary for holding the Magic Moments fort for me too, it was so very much appreciated! So lets roll with the magic …. If you are tweeting me this week please don’t forget my twitter account is […]

Struggling To Pick Memories 11

Over the recent week with monumental changes occurring in our household, with the most upsetting being my Daughter choosing to live with her Father, The Oliver’s are beginning to make fresh starts as my Daughter is we have to look forward not backwards. No matter how horrible things have been    and also to add to canvasses going up our staircase … but how to pick? I am struggling. For me […]

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New Beginnings – Primary School Visits 14

This week not only has been emotionally devastating with Beth leaving but it’s also floored me with the next stage for Joshua.  For 2 sessions this week Joshua got to experience life at his new primary school with induction sessions and I thought my heart would break!  On the first morning we arrived at 9.15 and to say he was excited would be an understatement he practically danced his way […]

My Family Is Sad – But Thats OK 39

These last few days have been tough, the transition of becoming a family of 4 to a family of 3 has been hard.  Beth and I were the original duo to the family and every inch of this house reminds me of building our home together.  When Ollie came along it was like he was meant to be, he slotted in and we all loved our little 3.  A short […]

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Was It A Parenting Fail? 35

For 3.5 years life with my teen has been hard, not just with the standard run of the mill teenage behaviours, those we were ready for.  However as my teen grew so did some really difficult traits that we have found rather challenging to deal with and she has found frustrating to live with, so much so we have fought as a family to get the help she needed for […]

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