Silent Sunday 29/3/15

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Agonising Fear of Death

hospitalSince becoming a parent I have gone through the stage of panic attacks that a whole other human being depends on you .. Although scary in its own right it has been only fleeting like that odd dream you have of falling… you know that one that you never hit the ground and you wake up by your own jerked movements. 

For the second year in a row and the third year out of the last four years I am heading off for another operation today.

I am scared. 

On the run up to last years operation I felt panicked and out of control, maybe even a sneaking fear every so often, however since getting the call for this cancellation appointment came through last week I have been on full on panic, feeling sick and shaking at the mere thought of it.

So much so I have taken to mentally preparing letters to my children, husband and family should I not make it back home. To top that off however since the weekend I have preparing lists and tackling jobs with total gusto. 

Just in case ..

* I have (with the help of Beth) painted all but 2 fence panels, jet washed the garden and  weeded all the boarders – After all I will be laid up looking at it for a few weeks if I make it back or any visitors can admire the lovely garden 

* Tea is sorted for a week or so as I have batch cooked, Chilli’s and lasagne and Spag bol for a small army! – Everyone needs to eat right?

* Jet washed the garden patio, the path at the back and the front garden – I don’t want to slip on slime should I make it back from surgery

* Cleaned the cooker and cooker hood filters – After all it would give Ollie a few months grace at having to think about doing it. 

* I have gutted the kitchen and steam cleaned anything that has stood still – At least no one will get ill from germs! 

* Emptied and cleaned both fish tanks – Well they don’t need to die too … although maybe too late for one fishy friend as it was floating 

* I have purchased more toilet rolls – No one ever fills up the downstairs toilet cupboard so have bought more and stocked up 

* I have washed and ironed almost every article of clothing that is owned in this household

* I have cleaned and hoovered throughout and packed some bags for hospital 

I think more than anything I get anxious with the organising, having to ask for help doesn’t come naturally and it’s the one thing that makes me inwardly squirm. Thankfully we have the parents on standby for babysitting and child organising today and over the next few days too. 

So this is it … surgery here I come…

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To My Daughter At 14

Beth 14th Birthday CakeDearest Bethany

This year has been tough, I don’t have to see it in your eyes to know how hard it has been. 

Over the last 12 months its been a hard learning curve for us all, 13 is such a funny age to be, neither child nor adult leaving you confused as to where you sit. 

I don’t think I would be lying to say that your behaviour at times has been beyond challenging, your tongue is a vicious as whip and your narky angst has driven us both to tears on many occasion. 

beth snowYou have been practicing you’re fibbing and failing badly, now you have accepted that we see through the fibs and you’re not actually very good at it …. All our lives are a little easier!

Over the last few weeks there seems to have been a massive shift, it’s almost like you are finally becoming more comfortable in your own skin, I am seeing glimpse of my Beth coming back to me…. I am enjoying being in your company and it seems that everyday is not quite the battle it once was. 

In your 14th year I have no doubt things will be more confusing, scary even … but don’t be frightened embrace it .. Although embracing in the street we could live without .. Yep that’s right you were spotted draped over a boy! 

We want you to enjoy your remaining childhood years not waste them, allow yourself the freedom to laugh and be you … we actually really like the real you .. Believe it or not, you have nothing to prove to others! 

I can’t wait to stand by your side for this, your 14th year … I will no longer hold your hand and take you down the right path, but will follow slowly in your wake ready to see you start to make some choices for yourself. Don’t get me wrong I will be there if you need me … but I want you to start to show me glimpses of the women you are becoming. 

We are all so very proud of you, and can’t wait to see you blossom further …  

Happy Birthday Bethany … 

P.s The rule about not smoking, taking drugs, getting in cars and sex all still stand …. It’s a no way and life time grounding still stands .. You have been warned.

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Review: Nintendo Mario Party 10 on Wii U

mario party 10Over recent weeks we have started discovering a new love for the Nintendo Wii U, although this is another story in another post for a whole other time I was excited to be asked to have our own celebration with the launch of the new Nintendo Mario Party 10.

Nintendo Mario Party 10 is a game based on rolling the dice and travelling round the board. You can compete against each other (with the use of additional controllers) 

With 70 mini games along the way there is lots of fun and competition to be had! And don’t forget that with a compatible amiibo you can extra levels to the game play too! … Thankfully we had the our new amiibo ready to play and mix it up with extra levels!

Mario Party 10 has a PEGI rating of 7 and I think thats certainly right. Although Joshua who is 4 in a few weeks did have a little go every now and again, however when Bowser raised his voice Joshua did flinch … but when we laughed he soon got the gist it was funny and not scary. So the PEGI rating is worth baring in mind if you have little tots, and specially in the mini games. 
Mario Party 10
Celebrating this is probably the first time we have played as a family and we have totally loved it! … Although we have only played one player and passed round the gamepad as we don’t yet own any extra remotes .. So that is on our list of things to do next so we can all compete again each other instead. 

We loved this game and just when we thought we knew what was on offer we discovered Toad’s Room .. Which offered even more by cashing in the Mario Party Points we had collected by playing the game for additional vehicles and even music. There were even games too like Badminton Bash, Photo Studio and Jewel drop to name just a few! 

Playing this game really could mean that no two days are the same with so much on offer. 

Disclaimer: We were sent a download code for the purposes of review, All Opinions in this review were independently formed by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse.

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Review: Disney Pixar Cars Mack Truck Transporter

Review: Disney Pixar Cars Mack Truck TransporterRecently we were asked if we would take a look at Disney Pixar Cars new Mack Truck Transporter and Joshua has been awaiting its rival eagerly.

This Mack Transporter proudly carries Lightning McQueen in the back and even opens up to reveal multiple play areas and most excitedly for *cough cough* me Joshua can even unhook the trailer and play with Mack on his own … with a real working lift! .. OK I may have just squealed a little. 

So when it arrived Joshua and I were more than excited to get into the packaging and have a good old play. Thankfully the packaging had been well thought out, with minimal clips holding Mack into the box which meant that I was able to get it out in record time and still with a smile on my face! 

I loved the fact that Mack easily connected to the trailer so it was easy for Joshua to clip on and off at will.

The attention to detail is fantastic and it has been very well designed, the separate areas in the back of Mack are so detailed and Joshua loved being able to move round the areas changing tyres, polishing and fixing!
mack transporterThe first few times of opening up Mack the catch was a little stiff (which was to be expected) however with use it is now easy and he can now open this up too on his own!
mack I love that the little work stations within Mack Transporter are just the right size for little fingers and Joshua has had hours of fun with him and I have no doubt there will be many more hours of play  to come!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to us for the purposes of an honest review and all opinions were formed by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse

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Food & Fun With Dennis The Menace At Brewers Fayre Castlewood

dennis the menaceRecently I was asked to an opening event at my local Brewers Fayre which is the Castlewood in South Normanton, Derbyshire (just of junction 28 of the M1) and I couldn’t wait. 

You see this particular venue is one of my regular eateries, My friend and I often use this Pub as a catch up location with our children as it has been reasonably priced and had a play area for Joshua (Freya my friends little girl has been a little too little to use it) 

Over recent meetings I had noticed that the play area was looking rather tired and this is where the excitement came in … the play area and children menus have all had a revamp and are now supporting Dennis the Menace and the Beano gang! 
dennis the menaceWhen we arrived we were really excited to see the changes in the play area, the room is brighter and far more user-friendly with some table and seating in there for adults too (meals can be eaten in there too!) There is now a TV area with bean bag seating and a fantastic arts table. 
dennis the menaceAll the revamp improvements really have polished off a fab space and made it better! 
dennis the menace mealsWe also got to sample the Beano inspired Children’s menu too and I have to say there are some fab meals on offer and a great price too with one course being offered at £3.99, two course for £4.49 and three course for £4.99. 
brewers Fayre MealsThe food lived up to previous visits and the burger meal I ate was so tasty! 

We loved the new revamped play area and menu and I have no doubt we will be there again soon … Stacey and I have a catch up on the cards and I have no doubt Joshua would love to go back and now Freya can play too. 

Disclaimer: We attended an event at our local Brewers Fayre and got complimentary meals and a play. 

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