#52LittleThings Week 52 – Which Little Thing Has Been Most Important

52LT-Week-52I am taking part in the #52LittleThings challenge with AXA PPP healthcare to make small changes in my lifestyle, one week at a time to become a healthier and happier person. 

This week is officially my last #52LittleThings post and now its time to reflect, time to take stock and to take on board all of the small changes throughout the year that I have made to try to make myself or my family happier and healthier… and do you know what … I am overwhelmed … picking just one is totally out of the question for me .. however this will make the first and last challenge all year that I have been unable to do .. I have so many of the #52LittleThings that have made a difference that there will be more than one in this post (Sorry AXA PPP healthcare I just have so many more than one) 

When I first started this project in January I worried, not because I felt the project would be the wrong fit, just more along the lines of .. can small differences really make that much difference?

Well 52 weeks in and I can hand on heart say that they do, first and foremost I can say that taking that time out each week to make changes and to sit and think about them afterwards has been really really beneficial. Sometimes I find in life that I am so very much set in my ways and often don’t have the time or inclination to look deeper than what I see on the surface, #52LittleThings has helped me to look beyond the skin deep in myself, in own health and my own lifestyle. 

Dont get me wrong I am not perfect and there  were several #52LittleThings that I am still battling with and not winning … but still keep trying as I know they are so beneficial to me. 

So here we go folks … some of my top #52LittleThings…

apple-flap#52LittleThings Week 42 – Celebrate The Root Vegetable – This was just the push we needed to look into a wider range of vegetables and now we batch cook soups with root veg and can’t believe we didn’t do it before now! 

#52LittleThings Week 34 – Bake A Healthy Treat – I totally loved this one and so much so that I have even now set up another blog called www.notTHATJaimeOliver.com which covers interiors and food and its documenting my journey into discovering how to cook! 

#52LittleThings Week 12 – Swap Indoors For Outdoors - This one we have been religiously sticking too this year. Its been great to allocates some family time and get some fresh air at the same time too!  
swap indoors for outdoors

#52LittleThings week 9 – Get Better Sleep – Although this is one that eludes me the most, it’s the one I try really hard with and will continue to try to do.

So sorry AXA PPP healthcare for not being able to give you just one answer to this weeks post … but I would like to say a massive thank you for taking me on this challenge and for helping me see that small changes make a big difference! 

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with AXA PPP healthcare’s #52LittleThings and I have been compensated for this post. However all words and thoughts were developed and written by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse.

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Silent Sunday 21/12/14

Silent Sunday 21/12/14
                                                            4d06e438-4e6a-4f3b-88b2-0c1093350397_zps361ad0e9  Silent-Sunday

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Project 365 Week 51 of 2014

Well that’s it we are officially on countdown to Christmas and this time next week it will all be done and dusted for another year .. however there are lots more festive stuff to look forward to before then! 

So here it is our week 51 …
365week51365wk51Saturday 13th December – A bathroom epic nightmare, after winning a competition recently that allowed me to buy a vanity unit and towel rail for the Bathroom .. the plumber that measured for the towel rail came back to fit them and left me in this mess! – towel rail is too big, floor is a mess and the vanity unit tap is back to front … I put a shout out on Facebook for help and thankfully someone I went to school with and hadn’t seen for since then emailed and is coming to the rescue on Monday with a plumber and floor fitter! … thank you Ben, Andy & Andrew 

Sunday 14th December – An Oliver’s family festive gathering at my parents in law .. Joshua insists on being the centre of attention!

Monday 15th December – Joshua had his nursery party in the afternoon and I went to take photos and help … Joshua was so not sure about santa this time round

Tuesday 16th December – Yesterday we thought Joshua was unwell as he was super grumpy so it was home day for us .. but nipped out to try Brewers Fayre new festive menu for tea .. it was lush! 

Wednesday 17th December – One poorly Joshua .. this is pretty much how he spent the whole day! 

Thursday 18th December – For bath time we finally got round to starting using the new products for Oilatum .. I have to say I had to use them too! 

Friday 19th December – I was sent this lovely Champaign by a PR totally unexpectedly and it made me cry! 

So now we are ready … bring on Christmas!

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My Concert Conundrum

In my early teen years I would have loved nothing more than a busy concert with pounding music and hordes of excitable folks, However I was too lazy to organise going to a concert never got that opportunity to go to a concert till I was in my late teens and in fact I was a stand in for my friend who had paid for tickets and had someone drop out …

beautiful south concertSaying yes to go and see the Spice Girls in Sheffield in September 1998 was probably not something I would have been quite so excitable about had there not have been copious amounts of alcohol at the time of agreeing! … The spice Girls were never really my bag … even if my friend made signs and decided we all ought to have a ‘spice name’ .. hers was ‘Smokin Spice’, her other friend was ‘Specky Spice’ and I was ‘Skint Spice’

.. oh dear is all I can say on that one. 

bin liner wearingMy taste did improve I have to say, in my early 20’s.

I did go to an outdoor concert in Sherwood Pines in which I watched Beautiful South in glorious sunshine .. till halfway through the heavens opened and I in my wisdom and lacking in a coat, decided to wear  a bin liner for the remainder of the concert! 

In my defence all I can say is    regardless of the plastic bin liner … at least I finally gave up smoking instead .. even if bin liner wearing seems to have been a theme throughout my life.

Now I am classed as a fully fledge adult (when did that happen) I have to say I do feel slightly peeved at myself at the little effort I invested as a young adult to see more bands, go to more concerts and generally get out the bin liner and experience the music I loved.

In the late 90’s I always wanted to see Oasis live, but was far to lazy to do anything about it and now that’s too late, however Noel Gallagher it seems I am not too late to see as he has a new English rock band ‘Flying High Birds’.

OK it might not be Oasis but still Noel Gallagher at the O2 still has to be considered surely? 

Maybe if I got to see Noel I should leave the bin liners at home right? 

Who have you ever seen in concert? 

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post 

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Will It Be A Healthy & Happy New Year?

Will it be a healthy and happy new yearOver recent years I don’t hold much stock in the material things in life. I am much more a live for experiences kinda gal.

Those of you that read my blog regularly will be aware that both Ollie (hubs) and I are physically wrecked and with my symphysis pubis dysfunction and Ollie’s hip impingement and now his busted back we really are limping into 2015 but we are hoping that things will change. 

I am back on my weight loss mission and doing fairly well, Ollie is awaiting his referral to the spinal consultant for surgery and 2015 will make it officially our 5th year together and our 4th surgery between us! 

It does make me slightly anxious that at this rate will be pricing up stairlifts with Stannah sooner than we thought (thankfully they are cost-effective), or pricing up mobility scooters to race down the road in (obviously that was a joke and all mobility scooters should be driven responsibility) 

I fear that although 2015 is going to hold some challenging times for us, I have no doubt we will have some amazing adventures along the way, even if for many weeks one or the other of us has mobility issues…. This year will be our year.

Stannah infographic
  This is a collaborative post

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Gift Guide: Top 15 Last Minute Stocking Fillers

Well this is it the homes stretch before Christmas and if you are anything like me you will be surrounded in wrapping paper and sticky tape. 

Although for me its the time I am full on panic. Most of my regular readers will know that I like to be super organised and try to get ahead of the game buying earlier, and often in the sales. However during the wrapping stages I have been known to look at things and need to pop out and buy a few bits to bump things up a little. 

Here are some of my stocking filler ideas that may help if you are on full panic mode. 

Gift Guide: Top 15 Last Minute Stocking Fillers

I don’t know if these will save your bacon this festive season .. they certainly wont be able to cook your turkey for you, or remind you to defrost the turkey to save you from defrosting it in the bath Christmas Morning, they are not going to stop the kids falling out, crying or even keep them in bed till 8am 

But maybe they may make you feel a little more even on the Christmas present giving front .. and invariable there are always the recipients that are ungrateful … to fix that I can only suggest you put them next to the Brussel Sprout lover for Christmas afternoon and let nature take its course. 

So good luck with your final preparations over the next few days, have an amazing Christmas and wonderful new year! 

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post

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