Will New You Lead To A New Me?

JaimeI am fat … this will come as no big news to those that know me and those that have been reading my blog for some time. 

Back in 2012 I went on a weight loss journey after too much cake and baby weight and after 18 months I lost 4.5 stone and gained back my confidence. 

I went back to play hockey, I started to find me again … 

With that in mind in October 2013 I decided to give up smoking … wise choice yes, in terms health .. But it was an unwise choice for my waist line. Ever since giving up I have put back on the 4.5 stones and in fact have now totalled a 5 stone increase making me very unhappy.

This year we would like to try for our third and final child and with the excess weight I know my chances of a healthy pregnancy with already having SPD are non-existent so my only hope is weight loss. 

I have to say I am rather excited at the prospect of another baby and think this is the key motivator for me to take back my life and fitness… but to start with I am going to have a helping hand. 

new youThis next week starting tomorrow I am going to be trying a new to me VLCD Diet (very low calories diet ) with New You. The main aspect of this diet is the fact it is a total meal replacement diet and so I will not be eating anything other than the products that form my diet package. 

When ordering my package I got to make some choices over how I would pick my food/drinks which I thought was a great idea. I am not a fan of soup and so I automatically counted that out of my daily foods as I prefer shakes instead so my average daily foods will be along the lines of 2 shakes, 1 bar and a meal each day, along with 3-4 litres of water per day. 

I know to some this might sound like an odd diet to do since in fact the amounts of calories  is very low however this is because VLCD’s are designed to put your body in a Ketogenic state as it restricts carbohydrates so the body is not using them at their main source of energy and for me I am hoping this boost will start my weight loss journey again in the right direction. 

This diet is obviously not a life long option and the folks at New You highly recommend that this programme is not follow for longer than 12 weeks along with making sure you BMI is over 25 and there are certain health criteria regarding condition you can’t have if you wish to partake in this diet plan and nothing I would not have expected so with a clean bill of health I am going to see what it can do for me for the next 7 days. 

I have water at the ready, I have my New You package now I just need the new me ..

Disclaimer: I have been sent a one week bundle for the purpose of an honest review. All Opinions and thoughts have been formed independently by The Oliver’s Madhouse.

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The Backfiring Naughty Step

naughty stepThere are many stages of behaviour that have left me eyes watering by my kids, Beth as a toddler was hard work and defiant, then she mellowed out into a laid back would fall over teen with spurts of angst, frustration and a forked tongue. 

Joshua has almost been horizontal to the point of laid flat with his chilled out manner and his almost unflappable nature…. Until now. 

Over recent months his laid-back attitude has given way to little glimpses of fierce determination … that he will finish that game, that he is not going to put his shoes on, and don’t ask him to eat chips … “I don’t like chips I only like fries!” its been a learning curve of a curious kind. 

Since these little outburst have appeared we have swiftly acted on them in the form of the naughty step, although we don’t actually call it a naughty step we just refer to it as the step and we have been using it as a form of time out so Joshua can just reflect and calm down .. 

Over recent weeks he has no decided to enforce his own method of time out … after an incident or blow up and tears he wonders out of the living room or kitchen and we now find him sat on the step, no tears, as they soon stop on removing himself from the room .. and he waits till you go and find him to tell you he is sitting on the step as he’s been naughty … although I am super proud he now knows when his behaviour is unacceptable and he needs to cool down (not that it happens often as more often than not its when he is tired) it also makes me laugh a little … only my child would discipline himself! 

OK so I may now need a new alternative to the naughty step … 

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Birthday’s With Balloon Time

539422_10150638628933568_34277450_nIt’s no exaggeration to say my little fella has been obsessed with balloons for a while now, it’s an obsession that has only ever increased!

The Obsession started at his 1st birthday party and it continued to grow each birthday since and now it’s not just birthdays! 
birthday balloonsJoshua’s recent balloon obsession has been in the form of costly character balloons, and at the expense of my purse it has got us thinking … why do we only buy pre inflated balloons? 

minion balloonsThe last minion character balloon we purchased cost £9 for one! … if it had been down to me I would have turned away at the till but since Daddy said yes before checking the price we were left with no alternative … although Daddy has not heard the end of it and so now checks prices first! 

So with my little fellas 4th Birthday approaching and yet 2 more Helium balloons needed in the form of Stewart & Dave Minions (which are less than £2 each if bought un-inflated) and the fact we were hosting a family party with obvious need for as many helium balloons as we could muster .. We decided to put Balloon Time Helium kits to the test! bike

The kit comes as a compact canister that is fully movable to any venue, it also includes 30 balloons and white balloon ribbon so wherever it goes there it can be a party! 
It would be fair to say that the Balloon Time kit was a complete hit in this house, I managed to get 2 giant minions and 23 further normal size balloons ready for the 4th Birthday party (and working out the costings it worked out far cheaper than the shop bought helium balloons too)

The balloons took only a few minutes to inflate and my little fella was thrilled .. Followed closely behind hubby who had been at work while I was setting up .. who said it felt like a real party!
BALLOON TIMEWe are certainly going to look at purchasing these again in the future as I have no doubt the whole family would love more get togethers and the party atmosphere that balloons give only increase the party element. 

Disclosure: I’m working with BritMums and Balloon Time as part of the “Celebration Club”, highlighting inventive and fun ways of using balloons. I was provided with a Balloon Time helium kit and have been compensated for my time. All editorial and opinions are my own. Visit www.balloontime.com for more information and party inspiration.

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Everything You Thought You Knew About Personal Hygiene – Is It Wrong?

bathtimeThink you know all there is to know about personal hygiene? Well, maybe not. For example, washing your hands in antibacterial soap isn’t always as cleansing as it can be portrayed to be, so I discovered recently while looking at hand washing.

Here are some other food-for-thought pointers… 

Cleanliness is important
Most people like to think that their hygiene habits are beyond reproach and that their cleansing rituals are ideal. If you take a look at the amount of cleaning products available in chemists or in supermarkets, you could think that personal hygiene is a national obsession. If you invest in a pair of disposable gloves from Brosch Direct at least you’ll keep your hands clean when carrying out some of the less than glamorous bath or lavatory cleansing functions… that is if you can’t persuade anyone else to eradicate the toddlers nappy from the bathroom floor that is.

Looking after your contact lenses
If you’ve transferred from wearing glasses to contact lenses, you might like to ensure that you’re keeping them as clean as possible.

Most people probably aren’t aware that cleaning the lenses in the same case on a daily basis can lead to a build up of bacteria on the surface of the lens. You should also never reuse your cleansing solution and you must ensure that the lens is properly rinsed before placing it back in your eye.

Squeezing your spots
You’ve probably been told since childhood that squeezing spots and blackheads is a bad idea. You might not be aware though, that too much antibiotic face cleanser might also be harmful. An article in The Huffington Post suggests that you should only invest in cleansers that are non-abrasive, as well as being free of alcohol.

Spots will usually disappear after a day or so – therefore, it might be better just to leave them alone, rather than attack them with grubby fingers or harmful spot cleansers.

Avon isn’t calling with this product
A recent article in The Guardian stated that the cosmetics giant Avon, as well as Johnson & Johnson and all other leading soap manufacturers, was removing all products that contained triclosan following reports that this ingredient can cause hormonal imbalances. Triclosan used to be found in antibacterial soaps and cleansers, but was banned in the US last year after concerns were expressed about the product’s safety. If you have any old soaps lurking in the recesses of your cupboards, make sure you check the content’s label before use. You may have thought that you were promoting hygiene in the home, but in fact you were damaging your endocrinal system.

The jury is out about hair
It’s difficult to find a consensus on the regularity of hair washing and showering. Some experts claim that too much soap can strip away the body’s natural oils, whereas others state that you need to wash your hair on a daily basis as it picks up the same amount of dirt as the rest of your body. An article in The Huffington Post comes out in favour of washing your hair every other day, in the end; it’s really up to you.

 For me however … I think I will keep on washing …

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post


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Is Life Better With Cake?

kiplingSchool Holidays often leave me in a whole load of stress, with 2 children different ages I often have to find things that will occupy both Children and fail miserably … however I have come to terms with the fact that my 4-year-old and 14-year-old will often come together harmoniously with food. 

And that’s ok with me!

Knowing food is the key factor that often brings us together as a family it was nice to take part in Kiplings #BetterWithCake project to see what is actually made better with cake. 

So here are our #BetterWithCake moments ..

Bakewells on a benchBakewells on a bench it was supposed to be, however when the heavens opened on our walk round Cowlick Park we were still smiling with a Bakewell in hand! 
banoffee slices
Bank Holidays can often be boring with, Hubs working as we tend to just stay in but a Bannoffee Slice pit stop before playing on the park was much-needed .. at least there were some smiles … but not much sharing!

French Fancies
And while the teens were supposed to be looking after the little fella .. You can’t beat a girlie catch up with your friend .. With French Fancies! … Although Joshua is obviously a cake fiend like his mum as he spotted these French Fancies at 200 yards! 

not sharingAnd it goes without saying that cake makes the evenings working a whole heap better … especially when you don’t have to share! … Yep I really am that mean!

So in answer to the questions … is life better with cake? 

My answer is most certainly a big fat yes! .. Thank you Mr Kipling for helping make those special moments that little bit more special … and for getting me through the Easter holidays! … With everything in moderation Mr Kipling you’re a keeper!

So whats your Kipling favourite? 
Disclaimer: This post is an entry for #betterwithcake Linky Challenge (http://bit.ly/betterwithcake), sponsored by Mr Kipling. Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/mrkiplingcakes

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Magic Moments 13/4/15

Magic moments Link Up BadgeWow it has been an epic week over here, with birthday celebrations galore for Joshua and lots of family time to boot there has been masses of magic all over! 

So let’s get the magic rolling .. 

If you are tweeting me this week please don’t forget my twitter account is … @JaimeOliverUK so if your new here just to let you know you are welcome to tweet me your link throughout the week and I will happily retweet you, but please only tweet me with your #MagicMoments post link, as much as I would love to share all you posts written in the week there are only so many hours in a day.

Don’t forget there is a Magic Moments page on Google+ to, so if you are on G+ feel free to pop over and add your link and visit too.

If you are new to Magic Moments you can find more information over HERE.

Don’t forget that linkys only work when people take the time to visit and share with others. With such a large crowd linking in please don’t think you have to comment on every one. I know many of you don’t have time for this and it’s unrealistic, however please visit as many as you can manage to share some love and build community spirit.

If you would like to join in I would love it if you would pop on the Magic Moments badge or a link back to me as it also helps others to see where you are linking up and they may decided to pop over and link up too! Remember the more people who take part and link up, the more people who are likely to visit, but this is only a polite request not a prerequisite.

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