NETGEAR’s Arlo Wire Free Security System – A Review

I know I am no technical genius and so it might come as a surprise to some that I was asked to try out some really new tech for the home … However with a family to protect and many of readers having families too I thought it would be great to try out this new piece of kit to see just what it could do for us.  So why […]

Arlo home security cameras

pregnancy update 7 months in

Pregnancy Update: November Now I am 7 Month Pregnant 2

Wow where has the last month gone?  In fact its hard to believe I am just over 7 months pregnant and in around 4 weeks time we will be getting our date from the Consultant on when we will be meeting out new arrival for his caesarean section date!  It would be fair to say it has mostly  gone on my extreme nesting and list making that I wrote about last […]

My Beebies Baby Club Subscription – A Review 2

I wrote this week about my nesting and organising through this pregnancy and it would be fair to say I am still not as organised as I think perhaps I ought to be!  However the Beebies Baby Club has given me a nudge as I recently signed up to their band new Baby Club subscription service and my first package arrived!  I am not sure if it’s just me but […]

beebies subscription box

magic moments

Magic Moments 23/11/15 5

I can’t believe we are nearly in the festive season and it would be fair to say I am super excited to officially start the countdown and get Christmas started … eek am I the only one that is counting down to the magic that is Christmas? So lets get the magic rolling for this week …. If you are tweeting me this week please don’t forget my twitter account is […]

A Magical Christmas Event At Drayton Manor 13

This weekend Drayton Manor opened its doors the its festive Magical Christmas event with its official launch yesterday and we were thrilled to have been invited to see just what it had on offer.  Even the weather was getting into the spirit of the season with its minus temperatures! When we arrived we were thrilled to see Thomas Land draped in festive accessories and supporting festive music, fairy lights and […]

in a bauble

close up of buzz lightyears head

Rocket Blastin Buzz & Bull Ridin’ Woody A Review 6

Something that shocked me this last week is the fact that the much-loved Toy Story is actually celebrating its 20th birthday and it really made me stop and think … I am not sure I had really thought much about how long ago the film was released but it’s always just kind of been there … Lurking in the DVD cupboard ready to put on when the moment arrives.  However it has […]

Extreme Maternal Nesting & List Making 6

I am days away from being 7 months pregnant and it would be fair to say I have a confession …  I have spent the last 6 months on total and utter freakish nesting.  From what I remember from the my previous 2 pregnancies nesting tended to occur in the last few months of pregnancy however from the word go with this one I have been overwhelmed by the need […]

baby clothing

crocs star wars clogs

Review: Kids CrocsLights Star Wars Jedi Clog 1

I think it would be fair to say that you either love or hate Star Wars and being a massive lover of every one of the films to date and having my ticket ready and waiting for Decembers new film I am loving the Star Wars come back with all of my favourite brands. So when I heard that Crocs has brought out a full range of Star Wars children’s […]

Christmas Stocking Filler Gift Ideas: Women 2

Where Christmas stockings are concerned they really are my highlight of gift giving, I love challenging myself to find little thoughtful gifts that reasonably priced (under £15) but yet would still make a really presentable and well-loved gift.  My ladies stocking filler ideas are all based on the things I am loving right now and also the things I would love to be owning right now!  Stocking Fille Gift Ideas: […]

stocking fillers women

birth to one year gift list

Christmas Gift Guide: From Birth To One 1

Its fair to say Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I have been known to get rather carried away on the present buying front but now I am approaching 7 months pregnant and this time next year we will have a little fella under one I have decided to put together a few ideas of what to buy if you have a little one to buy for this […]

JML Nutri Blitzer Review 11

A few weeks ago I was super privileged to try out the new JML Nutri Blitzer on its launch and initially I had thought it would be like any other kitchen gadget, super for the first week and then hidden in the cupboard after that, so needless to say I was probably not going to be the gadget loving fiend that would love it.  However currently being pregnant and knowing even before […]

nutri blitzer

flat shoes

How To Stay Fashionable In Flats 4

Being pregnant it’s sometimes hard not to feel frumpy, especially in the later stages which I am now I am over 6 months pregnant. When you’re the size of a house, wearing stretchy jeans and have huge swollen ankles, feeling fashionable can feel like it’s off the agenda. Not wearing heels can make a lot of women feel very unfeminine and even dumpier than we already feel. But with these fashionable flats […]

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