Special Day Countdown Calendar A Review & Giveaway

When WOW recently told me about a new range of calendars they have out I have to say I was rather excited by the concept.  Having a 4-year-old that is so excitable sometimes makes waiting for something hard to bear … after all there are in fact only so many times you can answer the same countdown questions.  Christmas as a countdown and I love it, I think counting down to […]

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Dreaming Of A New Car 3

Over recent months  the car dramas of 2 years ago seemed so far away .. However over the last few weeks it seems we are once again verging on car dramas.  Ollie’s car went for an MOT a few months back and he was advised that a set of 4 tyres would beed needed soon and now with a slow puncture and a lot of hope they have lasted just […]

An In The Night Garden Party At Alton Towers 14

This weekend we had the pleasure of visiting Alton Towers but not just for any normal visit, this was for a very special In The Night Garden Party!  This month sees the much-loved CBeebies Land turning one and really in my book every birthday needs a good party .. it seems I am not alone in that thought process either!  On arriving at Alton Towers this Sunday Ollie, Joshua and […]

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Magic Moments 25/5/15 3

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!  I hope you have or are going to have lots of fab plans for this holiday weekend! I am still playing catch up on the reading front so massive thanks to those of you still waiting for me to visit from last week … I am going to make sure I catch up this week. If you are tweeting me this week please don’t forget my twitter […]

Silent Sunday 24/5/15 6

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Project 365 Week 21 of 2015 13

Yay we are on countdown now to our holiday and I have to say I am so looking for sand and sunshine  .. This weeks weather has been so hit and miss it really can’t come soon enough! … Some hot sand and sun boy I am dreaming about them now!  Saturday 16th May – A cake for world baking day a day early! .. I made the worlds happiest cake.  […]

Parents, Periods & Possible Meltdowns 12

Right off the bat I have to say … I fear I might be the one with the meltdown occurring.  When I signed up to parenthood it never really occurred to me that one day I would end up with a hormonal teen … and one in which I would have to support through the joyous period talks.  HELP!  From an early age I tried to engage chat with Beth […]


early years

Early Years Journal & Notebook Review 5

I was recently sent samples of these beautifully illustrated Early Years journal and notebook sets to cast my eye over and I have to say they are so very pretty.  The journal itself has a hard cover and has a colour coordinated ribbon marker, has 120 pages and 140gsm uncoated paper meaning there is lots of space for those special moments over the first 5 years, the quality paper makes […]

Perfect Pizza Picker 15

This weekend I treated the family to non of my cooking but in fact we ordered Pizza from our very new local Domino’s. For us Pizza is one of our ultimate treats and it’s the one thing that we all like without argument. However peace is not always so easily sought with Pizza as with 4 of us, 3 of us all like different things so we often need to […]


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Top Tips To Booking Family Friendly Cottages In The UK 15

In less than a month we are off on our adventures and are heading off to Tunisia, followed by an adventure to Rhodes in July, which lets be honest is really exciting. However It has got me thinking about our holidays in the UK and the last one we went on we actually gatecrashed my Mum and Dad’s cottage in Staiths on the Yorkshire coast and it was magic.  Having been […]

WOW Toys Robbie Racer Review & Giveaway 4

If you are a regular reader you will know that I have recently discovered WOW Toys and the first toy we had ever played with in this house was Dudley Dump Truck and he was a total hit so now having the opportunity to review Robbie Racer was a super exciting possibility for us and particularly Joshua!  When Joshua opened up the box to see Robbie Racer waiting to play .. he actually […]


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Magic Moments 18/5/15 6

Happy Monday folks … I hope you have all had a super week and lots of magic moments! If so I can’t wait to read them! If you are tweeting me this week please don’t forget my twitter account is … @JaimeOliverUK so if your new here just to let you know you are welcome to tweet me your link throughout the week and I will happily retweet you, but […]

Oilatum & The Oliver’s 16

Our eczema story with Joshua started only a few weeks into his life with patchy sore legs and the crooks of his elbows.  Throughout the last few years we have tried just about everything going for his eczema from oats in a pair of tights in the bath .. yes really!  It has been a super hard slog in terms of Joshua’s skin but we have made some massive breakthroughs […]

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