Good Riddance Gallbladder

Good Riddance GallbladderIf you follow my personal Facebook account you may have noticed last month that I was spamming Facebook with my regular updates on my operation … Although I work hard at trying to not be spammy on Facebook I was in a mess and needed positivity. 

After having an awful time of it for nearly a year I had been having the most uncomfortable pains under my ribs on the right, and heartburn and indigestion along with quite acute bouts of IBS like symptoms and so when back in December last year it was discovered that I had a giant gallstone in my gallbladder that in fact could be the culprit to my issues I was relieved to hear it was going to be taken out. 

I was relieved until the phone call that made it real and gave me 9 days notice of the cancellation appointment they had given me for the 27th March. 

Within an hour of agreeing to the slot I was in turmoil, I felt sick, anxious and out-and-out terrified, you see I have a problem .. I have a fear of death and so anything that takes the control from me (prime example an operation) and I go into complete meltdown. 

By the morning of the operation I was having a complete meltdown .. with feeling sick, hot and cold sweats almost hyperventilating … thankfully hubs was with me and his laid-back attitude does tend to chill me out. 

Thankfully I didn’t have to wait too long and I was down in theatre just after lunch instead of having to wait all afternoon as originally thought although paper pants never ever get anymore attractive either!

On waking in recovery I was in immense pain but thankfully an extra shot of morphine did the trick and after a few hours drifting in sleep limbo land while the aesthetic wore off I was certain I was not staying in! 

So when hubs came back I was off! home within 9 hours of surgery … 

There really is nothing like recuperating at home compared to a hospital ward. 

After a month I can now confirm that deciding to go ahead and have my gallbladder removed was the wisest choice ever! … My 4 wounds have healed well and within a week or so  I was pretty much doing everything I did before, although now minus the continued gallstone pain!

Good riddance gallbladder .. It wasn’t nice knowing you!

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Points Making Prizes With Scottish Friendly’s Letterfall

letter fall featured imageAs some of you know I have been known to take part in the odd competition or 2 and to be fair my love for competitions only increases by the day.

When I enter a competition the most important factor for me is that I can enter in just a few minutes .. After all time is precious! 

But what I didn’t know is my love of word games could earn me £25! 

Scottish Friendly launched its word game Letterfall last year and along with being educational it’s also a little addictive. 

This game reminds me of scrabble and Tetris combined .. the blocks fall from the top and each block contains a letter … its then up to you to create words with those letters to build your score .. the highest score at the end of the calendar month will win a £25 prize … If you want to be entered to win don’t forget you will need to enter your details on the site. 
          image0023 image0033

So how do you play? … it took me a couple of goes to understand how to play as my phobia of reading instructions struck again (one day I might learn) however I am pleased to say it was super simple … to create the word you need to click on the falling letters that are in your word and once you have finished creating the word and you want to enter it you need to click on the tile that you started with to create the word … once used they will disappear (unless they are ones that need to be used twice before disappearing) 

The good news is even if it does happen to be slightly addictive it actually educational too .. What a bonus .. Add in the chance to win and there will be some super happy monthly Letterfall winners too .. will you be one of them? 

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How Travel Helps Kids

How Travel Helps KidsSome are brilliant, some are disasters you can laugh about later, but you never forget your childhood holidays. Today, cheap flights and the wealth of knowledge available on the internet have made it easier to find great holidays all over the world. From short breaks to two month odysseys, and from meticulously planned itineraries to last-minute holidays, give your own kids memories that will last a lifetime.

Travel famously broadens the mind at any age, but a child’s first trip can really expand their horizons. Travelling by plane or ferry might be tedious for adults, but it’s an exciting experience for kids. Long journeys are an opportunity to get out books, games, and activity pads. Pick books or activities that tie in with the mode of transport, or the destination, for extra interest.

flyingYoung children may still be mastering English, but this is also a great age for exposure to foreign languages. You’ll be surprised how many words they can pick up on holiday, but don’t be disappointed if most of them vanish again once you go home. The knowledge that other people in the world speak other languages, and how good it feels to do it yourself, is a great lesson. For older kids, puzzling out what’s going on in a foreign language comic book is a satisfying exercise that keeps them quiet for ages.

Holidays can be wonderful opportunities to give children new responsibilities and freedoms, whether it’s using a map to work out the route for the day’s journey, or walking alone to the baker’s in a French village to buy bread.

In the unfamiliar surroundings of a caravan, tent, or self-catering villa, even tasks that are usually unappealing can seem fun, so this is a great time to get children helping out with housework, cooking, and other chores. Even if they refuse to keep up the good work once they get home, at least they’ve learned the practicalities.

Don’t feel that you need to fill your trip with cultural and historical experiences. A day at the zoo will have kids learning the names of the animals in the local language, and that dull but necessary trip to the supermarket for supplies can be fascinating for children as they spot familiar brands with unfamiliar names; and investigate new types of chocolate and ice cream. Simply playing with other kids at the hotel or campsite crosses international boundaries.

Don’t think of your holiday as an educational experience, but as precious family time away from the stresses and routines of daily life. Concentrate on having fun together, and you’ll be surprised how much your children grow and develop.

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Sitting at the beach

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Pedal Power

pedal power featuredFor most parents there are key milestones in our children’s lives that mentally are ticked off .. first words, first steps, first party, first friends and for us with a little guy that turned 4 a short while ago .. we had the first bike to cross off. 

Before his birthday he had been trying to use a balance bike but had become bored and reluctant to use it as he wanted peddles like on his tractor, So for us the obvious birthday present was a bright shiny new bike. 

bikeHowever before buying it we were struggling to work out what size we needed so headed to Halfords to ‘try’ big boy bikes – to make sure his legs were long enough to ride a bike was my excuse and while there we discovered THE bike. 

On the morning of this birthday he was beyond excited and was over the moon at the cones in the box on the back! (simple things) 

Since his birthday however I have been shocked at the transformation of my little guy, he has grown so much and although I maybe silly to think the bike has given him lots more confidence and has made him grow but I really can’t think of what else will have caused it!Pedal  Power

Joshua has been more than happy to spend his time in the garden going round and round the garden on his bike, he takes it on rides down the lane with Daddy and if he thought he could take it shopping when nipping for milk or bread .. He would be doing that too! 

The change in him in less than 3 weeks has been phenomenal and if I had known that he would flourish with a bike like this I would have bought one months ago!

The smile on his face as he sails round the garden at break neck speed often makes me worry and he is constantly being told to slow down or be careful but for now my little fella is thriving on pedal power. 

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How To Choose A Laptop That Won’t Bust Your Budget

How To Choose A Laptop That Won’t Bust Your BudgetThere’s certainly no shortage of laptops available for you to choose from these days and at Christmas when searching for our daughters it felt incredibly scary looking for the right one. 

However having lots of choice meant we could be quite specific about what we wanted for her and we managed to get one that ticked all our boxes with a little searching and even with hundreds of models on offer not all of them were pink! (It was a teens wish for a pink laptop so what can you do?!) 

Features To Look For

Firstly, decide what your priorities are, will it be used by the whole family or just one member or maybe even a couple of the kids? Generally we looked for something that was a little most robust and since aiming for our teen with possible Hubs using it on the sly we thought it best to look for a good  all-rounder

Knowing how heavy handed some members of the household are we choose one that felt a little more solid and steered clear of anything that flexed too much or seemed a little flimsy.

Storage wise we opted for 500Gm of storage and wanted something with a decent processor so went for the intel Core i3… which to be fair is more than perfect for the kids. 

While looking for our laptop I have to say I was initially shocked at how few had multiple USB ports and for us they were a must too as we do use USB sticks, chargers and data cables for just about every device going. 

How To Choose A LaptopHow You Might Save Money 

Some simple ways to save money when you’re searching for a new laptop, consider the features that you can compromise on. Unless you or someone in your family is a committed gamer, you won’t need a dedicated graphics card. Also, while it’s handy to have a laptop that offers a battery life of five hours or more, this isn’t essential if you’ll mainly use the device at home where you have plenty of power points. A large screen might be an unnecessary luxury too. For simple home laptops, you shouldn’t need a screen of more than 13 to 15 inches.

Once you’ve decided on a model that’s right for your family, it’s time to start bargain hunting. Don’t settle on the first deal you see; instead, it pays off to scour the market and shop around. By checking a range of different retailers to see which firm can offer you the best price, we actually got Beth’s for £80 off all the other retailers by shopping around and even got a free case thrown in! 

What specific things do you look for in a laptop/computer? 

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post 

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Blogger Competition in Association with Oak Furniture King: Spring

Oak Furniture KingFinally spring is in the air and for me here at The Oliver’s Madhouse I am underway planning some spring room revamps and would love to start with our bedroom makeover although in actual fact I am wanting to titivate the whole house! 

However for one very lucky blogger their room revamp maybe getting a helping hand as Oak Furniture King are challenging you my blogger friends for your chance to win £300 HighStreet Vouchers!

In order to take part you will need to create a post using at least 2 Oak Furniture King items on what a spring time room revamp would look like in your house (full details are below) To create the post feel free to add in a moodboard, Pinterest board or single images depending upon what you see fit for your blog and the post.

You could use one room as an example, or even elements from lots rooms you would like to titivate and explain your thought process around your ideas.

It could be something similar to this that I created using Polyvore:

Spring Time Sitting Room

or you could create a Pintrest Board… and add it into your post … or just add some images it really is about being as inspiring as possible in your room revamp.

Follow Jaime’s board Blogger Competition: Oak Furniture King on Pinterest.

Full terms and condition of the competition are listed below and once you have completed your post please add your URL of the post into the linky below  and you MUST also add the Oak Furniture King badge below for your entry to count!

 Loading InLinkz ...


Promoter- Oak Furniture King 10 Dudley Road, B69 3DN.

Requirements For The Blog Post 

  • The post will be a new post created between 22nd April 2015 and 22nd May 2015 
  • The post must contain a minimum of 2 items from Oak Furniture Kings range including the link to the relevant piece (these can be no follow links) and should also contain items to other relevant items as the blogger see fit in order to create a post 
  • Please tweet your entry to @LoveOakKing with the hashtag #BloggerComp 
  • The URL must be added to the linky above for the entry to be considered 
  • The Oak Furniture King competition badge must be added to the post

General Terms & Conditions

This competition is open to UK residents aged 18 years or over. The competition excludes anyone involved in the manufacture or sale of Oak Furniture King products.

No purchase is necessary to enter the competition.

The Promoter will not be liable for entries which are not received or which are incomplete, corrupt or delayed for any reason. Proof of transmission will not be accepted as proof of receipt.

The last date for receipt of entries is Friday 22nd May 2015 at 12am and all blog posts will be check to ensure the blog post criteria have been met.

The winning post will be judged on the most inspiring and will be chosen by the competition promoter  – Oak Furniture King, Their decision will be final and no correspondence or discussion concerning any decision shall be entered into.

The winner will receive a prize of £300 in high Street vouchers, the prize cannot be transferred, sold or exchanged. Information on how to claim will be given when the successful entrant is notified of their win.

Multiple entries that are deemed to be spam may be disqualified at the discretion of the promoter. The winner will be notified by email within 5 days of the end date of the competition and will be required to provide their postal address before the prize can be arranged.

In the event that contact cannot be made with the winner using the email address supplied while adding the link above after 28 days of the initial contact, then a new winner will be picked and the original winner will forfeit the prize.

The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify from the promotion any entrant suspected of fraud or cheating including, without limitation, through the manipulation of codes, multiple computer generated entries, or otherwise fraudulently falsifying data, copied content or dishonestly in the opinion of the Promoter.

The Promoter’s decision is final in every situation (including any not covered by these terms and conditions) and no correspondence will be entered into.

By entering this competition you agree that we may use your name and a photo of you for, along with any moodpboard or excerpt of any blog post created for any promotional purposes.

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