Blogger Guest Post – Back To School Energy Boost

Bloggers Guest PostMy first guest post this week is from the lovely Kizzy from The Go To Mum. Kizzy lives in a rural village with her 3 children ages 5, 8 and 13. Kizzy has been blogging since 2010 and often can be found blogging about her rural ramble through family life.

If you have not visited Kizzy before please do pop over and say hello, you can also find her blogging at The Go To Mum or on Facebook and Twitter too.


Back To School Energy Boost 

With the start of a new academic year, energy levels can feel very low, especially after the summer holiday fun and the back to school shopping rush! To help you keep on top of everything without having to resort to copious amounts of coffee or energy drinks, here are 5 tips to boost your energy levels naturally.


bottles of waterAn everyday essential but something many of us lack to keep on top of. Water is essential to keep you feeling full of energy as dehydration  makes you feel lethargic and your mood low. By keeping your body hydrated, it will limit this and boost your concentration levels too. Plus it is good for your skin and hair.

Keep Moving

Yes you read that right, keeping moving can help increase your energy better than having a nap. If you have little ones pop them into their pushchair and go for a walk around your area or head to the park. The fresh air and exercise will give you a boost and the change of scenery will lift your mood too.

Be Selfish

Now the kids are back at school this may be a bit easier to carry out but being selfish and enjoying some me time is a  great way to boost your energy. Something as simple as sitting down and reading a magazine, checking out your favorite blog or give yourself a quick pamper session are great ideas.

Eat 3 Meals a Day

We always make sure our children eat 3 meals a day but most mum’s skip breakfast in the rush to get everyone ready in the mornings. This will leave your energy levels lacking by mid morning so make sure you have something even if it is a couple of pieces of fruit.

Set a Bedtime

You install this into your children’s routine so why don’t you with your own? Having a set bedtime where you have a chance to unwind and sleep properly will eliminate tiredness and make you feel fresher and happier in the mornings.

Don’t forget you can find Kizzy over on her blog  The Go To Mum and on Twitter and Facebook too.

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Steaming Through Sundays With The Philips Speedcare Iron

Well it doesn’t have to be Sundays, but with uniform and work clothes needed for the week ahead Sundays are one of my ironing days.

Its be a well documented fact on my personal Facebook timeline that I am no fan of Ironing …. In fact I lie it’s not that I dislike ironing its the fact i spend around 5 -6 hours a week ploughing through what can only be described as my own personal sweatshop … I kid you not! 

So when I was offered a Philips SpeedCare Iron and challenged to use this instead of my current iron I was excited.

I was excited for 2 reasons .. the first being that anything that is going to save me time, sweat and frustration is good in my book and secondly that I may finally have some time to do something more exciting! 

The  SpeedCare generator iron with its 1.2L water tank and maximum steam ready within 2 minutes all sounded super fine to me … but how did it really do? 

Philips SpeedCareFirstly I have to say I have never used a steam generator style iron and when it came out the box I did begin to panic that it would be so big and cumbersome. However I have to say I take it all back .. the iron itself is smaller than my old standard iron and it was really easy to maneuver.

The steam … wow I love it .. it by far is more powerful than any other iron I have used, along with super quick heat up, for most item when using the steam setting I only had to iron one side of the  item, as opposed to previously having to do both … I  honestly am blown away with how quick I nipped through one of my 2 loads of ironing. Normally this amount of ironing takes 1.5-2 hours and I do 2 loads a week. This first load shown took me 53 minutes …. yep 53 minutes … I am one giddy kipper! 

As some of my regular readers already know I am slightly OCD with cleaning and storage and I love this iron for the niffty little cable holder in the side of the machine! … so no need for wires everywhere either! 

So having taken the Philips Steam Through Sundays Challenge not only am an Ironing with a smile on my face I am ready for school uniform Sundays! and I am even planning some family outings with National Heritage that I have put off for way too long because I have been too busy!

I am now reclaiming my time back, thanks Philips! 

Disclaimer:  We were given the Philips SpeedCare iron for the purposes of reviewing. All thought’s and opinions are made independently by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse

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Saving Money On Our Bills

Saving Money on OUr BillsRecently we attended an event and we discovered at the event  that we were had been stuck in our ways with our TV’s Film subscription and had not thought about ever changing things, we had been unhappy with our previous provider yet had done nothing about it. That was soon rectified and once again we are in love with TV and film options. 

After feeling rather riled up at my own procrastination. I have taken a look at all our household services from Gas and Electric to my mobile phone and have been comparing them online to get the best deals for us. 

Firstly I have looked at what our requirements are, which was a shocker in itself as I had been paying for things that were no longer relevant anymore, but since they had been a nondescript direct debit I failed to even notice it had gone out which was a really stupid thing to do .. thankfully we were refunded but it was so easily done that I must be more aware in future.

I have so far shaved off £46 a month from our gas and electric and also have change my mobile phone (saving £9 a month) and as previously stated our TV/Film subscription provide for one that works better for us. 

So thats it I am on a mission this week and going forward to take a look at our home insurance and also our broadband, to get better deals on this too! followed by our car insurances when they are up for renewal too. 

Being stuck in my ways with bills really has been unproductive to our bank account and I am cringing when I say that we have been like this for 3 years!

Do you always shop around for your service providers or is it just me being super lazy?

This is a collaborative post

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#52Littlethings Week 36 – Spend Time With A Friend

52LT-Week-36I am taking part in the #51LittleThings challenge with  AXA PPP healthcare to make small changes in my lifestyle one week at a time to become a healthier and happier person.

This week is one of my favorite subject… Spend time with a friend!

Now for me, I think of friendships as spending time together, supporting each other and maybe even driving in rockabye rocket PJ’s to fill the car up with petrol  … ok maybe thats just me *cough* and so another story! 

So what if any are the health benefits of friendship… why are they just so damn good for us?

FriendshipHaving never really thought about this aspects to friendships I found it really interesting at the amount of research that has been done into looking at the benefits of friends ….

who knew!

Now one I already knew was the stress busting aspect of having that shoulder to cry on and very often your champion sidekick that will help you achieve your goals all uber important and needed. But did you know that some research via Sheldon Cohen, a Professor of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, showed that those who had little or no regular contact with people had four time the risk of developing a cold when exposed to a cold. 

Follow that up with many scientific reports stating its good for our hearts and cardiovascular systems … it really does make sense to have friends! … although not sure Ollie (hubster) will be agreeing when I finally book the weekend away with my Bestie in November, since he will be left home alone in the full single parent duty for 2 whole days and one night while Stacey and I drink mulled wine, visit the York Christmas market and then eat fish and chips in Scarborough …. all in the name of remaining cold free you understand! …

……….although off loading and destressing will certainly help! 

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with AXA PPP healthcare’s #52LittleThings and I have been compensated for this post. However all words and thoughts were developed and written by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse 


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Magic Moments 1/9/14

Magic moments Link Up BadgeHappy Monday folks

This week I will be taking some time off, however I will get round to read all your posts. I have some family time planned and also I will be attending some amazing events. 

In my absence however I have some fantastic guest post coming up from:

Kate at Family Fever
Kizzy at The Go To Mum
Kirsty at Hijacked By Twins 
Michelle at Shell Louise  
Kelly at Mum Of 2 

So if you have a few minutes this week why not pop back and say hi to them.

So on with Magic Moments this week …

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Silent Sunday 31/8/14

Silent Sunday 310814

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