Easter Cards – Toddler Style

This week on the run up to Easter we decided to make some Easter cards. Now earlier in the week I pledge to take on the challenge to cut down on Easter chocolate and make traditions based on non food things.

On our last Bostik Craft Blogger delivery in which we made some eggstraordinary friends we still had lots left over so we headed for the table to get crafty! 

To make our cards we used:

  • A4 Card
  • Bostik sticky dots
  • Fluffy pompoms
  • Foam flowers
  • Glitter Gel Pens

Making easter cards with toddlersWhat I loved about these cards is really its about using any supplies you have, you don’t necessarily have to have foam flowers, you could cut out easter eggs from foam or felt or some pretty paper. 

My little man has a great time and even after we ran out of card he used paper to make Everton cards …… I fear there may have been some input from Daddy! 

Over the last few weeks we haven’t spent as much time making and crafting as I had hoped so it was nice to get back to the table and spend some time TV free and to laugh .. even if the laughing was probably more to do with the appalling job I did of the glitter glue!

All in all we may not be the most perfect of crafters but we certainly had fun and got some quality time in too!

Easter Cards

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Review: Little Tikes Jelly Bean Racer

Review Little Tikes Jelly bean.jpgRecently we were sent a Little Tikes Jelly Bean Racer to see what the madhouse thought of the all new addition to the Little Tikes range. 

Firstly when it arrived what I really like was the simplicity of the design and the overall look of the Jelly Bean Racer along with the fact it comes ready assembled (yes I really am that rubbish building things). There is nothing to get little fingers stuck in and what I liked most is that although simple in its design, it’s really is a super looking toy! the handles make me smile!

The age range for the Jelly Bean is from 12 months to 3 years. Joshua turned 3 this week and so he has been using it at the top age range but that has not stopped him one bit! He is obviously all legs on it but that does not hinder him in the slightest, In fact he has become quite a speed demon on it! 

The Jelly Bean Racer is priced at £19.99 which in my personal opinion it is well worth its money as the high quality is just what you would expect from a Little Tikes item.

Jelly Bean RacerMy only gripe is that we didn’t have this when Joshua was a little smaller so we could get a lot of use out of it. With its direct steering allowing for sporty handling,  contoured Seat and easy handle grip its a super addition to the Little Tikes range, its light weight and so can be used inside or out; or even be put in the back of the car and taken on an outing easily! 

My only small gripe with this product is …. my husband is sulking as he supports Everton and so red is not a colour in our house .. so more colour options would be fab, even if it is to placate my football mad hubby! 

Disclaimer:  This product was given to us for the purposes of reviewing. All thought’s and opinions are made independently by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse

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My Red Face – Rosacea

RosaceaSo over recent weeks I have been coming to terms with my facial skin conditions and even wrote about my life with Melasma that typically gets worse over the summer months but what I haven’t told you is my deep dark secret that makes my face look like a baboons bottom.

I am a rosacea wearer, I say wearer as it is in fact like a mask. 

This condition is often misdiagnosed, painful, chronic and life effecting for the person that has it. 

I have always been prone to redness and a full on facial blush that seemed to last forever, but over time it got worse but I seemed to cope by living in makeup and slathering on lots of creams continued for about the last 10 years or so. There were numerous trips to the GP who diagnosed it from psoriasis (which I already had on my scalp), eczema, bacterial infections and dry skin! my last trip to the GP a little while ago gave me my formal diagnosis which has led to proper treatment of the condition to try to relieve some of the sore redness and it seems to be working albeit slowly! It really has been scary at how many GP’s have not understood the condition. Thank goodness for the internet as it really has been a really great resource for support and help. 

IMG_4511fgsfgfdfddfdAfter my second pregnancy my skin took a dramatic turn for the worse and now it becomes lumpy at times, dry and painful when I have a flare up. Which seems to be more and more frequent these days and particularly bad when I am stressed and tired. Although there are many other factors I can’t quite pin down what the exact causes are for me to have a flare up. 

I am not trying to be dramatic, or over the top but in fairness I have found not only does it get me down and effect my confidence, it also can dictate as to what I do and where I go, in the midst of  flare up I will avoid going out in public as I can’t cover up my redness properly without drying out my skin further, which then leads to cracking and soreness and it also means that my family can be effected my unwillingness to leave the house.

I have been really lucky to discover some bloggers with the same condition that have been super supportive and it has made a really big difference. 

Here is hoping that now I have a proper diagnosis I will now be able to get the full medical support I will need to find the right treatments that work with my skin long-term.

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#52LittleThings Week 16 – Make a Bitesized Change This Easter

52LT-Week-16I am taking part in weekly challenges with AXA PPP healthcare to make small changes one week at a time to become healthier and happier! 

This week it’s all about making bite sized changes this Easter to switch to a smaller or even dark Chocolate Egg!

So hands up who actually ends up with a 15 Easter eggs per Child or even adult?! 

A couple of years ago our children were verging on double figures with the amount of Easter eggs they had and with some humongous ones on offer it was like a nightmare to not only police the intake but also to know how much if any we should be giving them.

Now being on a long-term weight loss journey I have been super careful to try to eliminate 99% of my chocolate intake out. However there is no way I could ever cut out all chocolate or that of my family,  so finding out that in fact some chocolate has some health benefits is always going to be music to my ears .. not only that but with Chocolate being a mood booster everyone should have some (although some more than others!)

Last year we were really lucky to be invited to an Easter egg hunt, having never taken part in one before we were thrilled, all the eggs were little tiny ones and not only that there were baby chicks everywhere too to collect, meaning Joshua spend more of his time collecting than he did eating!


This year we are not only reducing the size of the eggs we buy for our children and also for  the others we buy for to, along with making it more about some family time and crafts! 

So this week we are on a mission to sidestep the chocolate overload and to build traditions into the family’s Easter that is not all about eating to excess and that my children will pass down to their children (well that’s what I am hoping) we have an Easter hunt (did you notice its missing the egge bit) my little guy will be hunting down plastic eggs, chicks, bunnies, along with some surprises and a few tiny chocolate eggs. Not only that we are going to do an easter bonnet decorating session and we also making some easter cards too. 

So how are you spending your Easter? more the point how many eggs will you be eating?

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with AXA PPP healthcare’s #52LittleThings and I have been compensated for this post. However all words and thoughts were developed and written by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse. 


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