The Baby Bed & Bedding Dilemma 2

Now the nursery is almost completed I am starting to get my head into gear about the essentials we need to buy for this baby, and first on the list what are we going to do about where his little lordship will sleep?  With my previous 2 children I had a second hand Moses basket with stand and hated both of them, they felt flimsy, were noisy and to be […]


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Empowerment, Learning And Pushing My Boundaries

Over recent years it would probably be fair to say I have pretty much stagnated in terms of pushing my intellectual boundaries, in fact if I am honest the physical ones have also not been pushed much either, other than currently being pregnant I my physical challenges have been all but nil.  There was a time in my life that I thrived on challenges, even when pregnant with Joshua back […]

Bedwetting – Busted With DryNites! 6

If you read my blog regularly you will know my most hated phase of a little persons development has been the bed wetting stage. Many parents I know fear this dreaded stage even though it’s a perfectly normal part of growing up and affects almost 600,000 children in the UK every year I know I am not alone in my anxiety around it and getting your child dry at night seems almost […]


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Home Renovations That Add Value To Your Home

Investing in my home is something that really has come naturally to me, in fact my current home was nothing but a shell and a broken one at that before I moved in.  With 20+ years of neglect it meant that the purchase price was lower than that of houses of the same standing as lots of money and even more hours were needed to even make it liveable.  When the house […]

DCkids Superhero Creator & Giveaway

As a child being a superhero was on the list of the things I wanted to be when I grew up, Well lets face it with my maiden name as Summers – Jaime Sommers was the original bionic women so this Jaime Summers wanted nothing more than to have those super boots and to save the day!  Reminiscing about my childhood earlier this week with Scooby-Doo with a previous giveaway […]

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Saving For Your Child’s Education 101 1

As little as  Joshua is now as he gets older I really need to start thinking about his future and so I am starting to think about his university education with some experts showing that the average cost of a year at Uni is starting to top 25 thousand pounds, its enough to have me panicked!  It seems that a wodge of £60,000  is what is needed to safely see your child […]

Super Mario Maker Game Review On The Wii U 3

It’s fair to say we have been super excited about the release of this game, to Ollie and I our formative teenage years contained many many hours with our beloved Mario and Luigi, in fact probably more hours than we should so when we heard about the celebratory 30th anniversary game Super Mario Maker we were itching to play!  The newest edition to the Mario games for the Wii U […]

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Pregnancy Update – September 14

Phew these last few months have been up and down on the morning sickness front and I have discovered a few things … If I am tired and have worked too hard (ok decorating a bedroom, down stairs toilet and the hall stairs and landing single-handedly may fall in that statement) It seems to make it worse as does too much screen time! I suppose now is the time to […]

5 Perfect Gifts For Your Teen 14

When it comes to buying a gift for your teenage son or daughter it can be extremely difficult. Not only do they already seem to have everything, but you also need to keep on top of what is ‘cool’ and ‘fashionable’ – because they won’t waste any time telling you if it isn’t! Each year you struggle with what to buy, desperately searching the shops for inspiration, finally find something […]


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Giveaway: Win £150 Smyth’s Toys Gift Card 4

There are some animations that I adore from childhood that will forever make me smile and one of these has to be Scooby-Doo! With the mean machine and the gang even now as an adult I have to stop and watch the antics of the crazy bunch as they get their bad guy!  What is really fantastic is to see is that in this age of technology Scooby-Doo is still […]

Magic Moments 28/9/15 1

Wow where is time going, I can’t believe we are heading into October this month! Before we know it the Christmas decorations will be going up!  I loved reading last weeks Magic Moments post, just a little reminder though to only add posts that are ‘magic’ some subject are obviously not nor could be magic so please just add the ones that have been magic for you so we can […]

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bobby dog

One Boy And His Dog 8

Recently we had the pleasure of dog sitting my parents beautiful labradoodle Bobby, she is cracking on in years these days but with no pets in our household other than one fish Joshua has loved Bobby since they day he saw this big fluffy creature.  In his really little years whenever she was about he never took her eyes off her and laughed with what seemed to be no reason, […]

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