Magic Moments 2/3/15

Magic moments Link Up BadgeI have a lovely magic moment to share with you this week and I can’t wait to immerse myself in reading yours, although it maybe later in the week for me as I have been a little unwell.

So let’s get the magic moments rolling .. If you are tweeting me this week please dont forget my twitter account is … @JaimeOliverUK so if your new here just to let you know you are welcome to tweet me your link throughout the week and I will happily retweet you, but please only tweet me with your #MagicMoments post link, as much as I would love to share all you posts written in the week there are only so many hours in a day.

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Nottingham Blogger Meet Up

Nottingham Bloggers Meet UpFor those of you that are not familiar with bloggers who work from home, it can be a totally isolating profession at times and often it can be weeks if not months or even years before you get the opportunity to meet other Bloggers. 

I have been really fortunate in that I have visited lots of events and workshops and with a large amount of bloggers in Nottingham we do tend to meet up at local functions.

Over this last 2.5 years I have met lots of really lovely bloggers in passing that are spread across the country at other events that I had not yet got to know and so on hearing some of them were going to be in Nottingham this weekend gone .. I was first one to say I was gate crashing the meet up! 

Last Friday I met the lovely Debs from Super Busy Mum who was first into Nottingham after flying over from Ireland. Joshua and I failed to win her over with Hash Browns however we had a really fab morning catching up which soon included the lovely Amy from In My Bubble when she arrived too. 

Early afternoon Joshua and I returned home to have some time together and then it was time for me to get ready and head back out for an evening of food and great company!
notts meet up
After meeting back up with Debs and Amy I finally got to meet the really lovely Lucy from Mrs Bishops Bakes & Banter followed swiftly by Emma from Handbags to Chang bags who is also a Nottingham blogger and is so blooming lovely yet it was the first time I have met her too! 

We headed to ASK Italian and the conversation flowed. 

After food Lucy headed back with an SOS food parcel to the hotel for the blogger down, Jade from Late For Reality unfortunately had got all the way to Nottingham but during her shopping trip in the day was struck down with a migraine so had taken to bed in the hotel instead to recover, which was such a shame that I didn’t get to see her as each time we have met up in the past we haven’t had time to chat properly. (Next time Jade!) 

After being the last 4 to leave the bar in the early hours of Saturday morning I can quite honestly say there was not many topics off the agenda and there was an awful lot of laughter … 

It’s so lovely to make new friends … thanks ladies

magic moments linky
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Silent Sunday 1/3/15

Silent Sunday 1/3/15

                                        PODcast Dove  Silent-Sunday

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Project 365 Week 9 of 2015

Project 365 week 9 of 2015Project 365 Week 9 of 2015A great week over here at The Oliver’s Madhouse, no lurgy and no illness so that makes it a fab week to start … however it only got better! 

Saturday 21st February - After a fantastic night out with friends celebrating our friends 30th birthday needless to say Saturday we were useful to no one! .. however I did make a batch of salt dough for later in the week, i just put it in a sealed plastic box and popped it in the fridge. 

Sunday 22nd February – Time to get out and stretch our legs with a trip to Sherwood Forest before heading to Ollie’s parents to visit and to see Ollie’s Aunty, Uncle and cousin who were visiting. 

Monday 23rd February – After nursery Joshua got to play with the salt dough and finally review his new Bigjigs cooking set

Tuesday 24th February – A trip to the dentist for me, with an old filling removed I was feeling sorry for myself  once the new one went in and with Ollie at work, Beth at school and Joshua at Nursery it was this fella waiting for me at home. 

Wednesday 25th February – I tried a new 30 minute one pot recipe from Ben’s beginners on my other blog and I have to say for my first attempt at a Biryani I was really impressed! 

Thursday 26th February – This is the cute little face of Gary the starfish from Spongebob Square pants according to Joshua.

Friday 27th February – A fantastic blogger meet up with some truly lovely bloggers all meeting up in Nottingham .. With breakfast with Debs from Super Busy Mum and then after dropping Joshua off with his Daddy I went back into Nottingham to meet everyone for tea .. more on that next week.

So what have you been up to this week?  Do tell .. 


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Sherwood Forest – Squirrel Spotting

Squirrel SpottingRecently on our trip to Sherwood forest something magical happened … Those of you that read my blog regularly may remember that Ollie, Joshua and I went on a Squirrel Hunt a little while ago and although it was a lovely trip we couldn’t find a single solitary Squirrel and to say I was a little disappointed would have been an understatement. 

So last weekend on our way to Sherwood Forest there was only one mission … a full on Squirrel Hunt! 

The first half of our visit from the Visitors Centre to the Major Oak came up empty on the Squirrel front. We did come across some rather cheeky Robins, however the squirrels really were elusive! 

The further we wandered into the forest the more disheartened I became on the search .. Then something fantastic happened. 
squirrel spotting but spotted birdsWe reached a little crossroads where a fallen log and a bird table were located and amongst the hundreds of robins and blue tits was a very cheeky Squirrel!

He was so close I didn’t want to breathe for fear of scaring him off, it was almost like he knew he wanted to put on a show and every so often stopped to look right at me! 
squirrel I must have spent 10 minutes watching this crazy critter until I thought it best to retreat. I thought Joshua would have been excited, however he was not.. Well maybe he was for the first 3 minutes. 

After spotting this cheeky fella the squirrels kept on coming, we wondered though a little nook where the trees were packed tightly making it so very shaded and we could not believe what we saw … over a dozen squirrels all foraging in the undergrowth without a care in the world that they were being watched! It was almost like they had all awoken from hibernation together and were filling empty tummies .. It really was a sight to see. 
Squirrel So after our disappointing squirrel hunt previously, I can honestly say this one was more of a success than I  could ever have imagined. 

It really was a fantastically successful trip.


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Is Operation Surgery A Go?

hospitalOver recent months I have been feeling increasingly unwell, with heartburn, indigestion, heart palpitations and epic amount of tiredness that are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to symptoms. After repeated, almost weekly blood tests for 3 months my white blood cell count remained elevated and with it being a possible sign of infection in the body I was sent for a scan just before Christmas. 

The results, although shocking at the time really weren’t that shocking when thinking about it logically … I have in fact got a giant gallstone that the GP wants rid of and if I am honest I would like it gone too.

Having still not got to the bottom of all my symptoms, until this gallstone is out there is very little the GP can really do to get to the bottom of what has been making me feel poorly until the monster gallstone is out of the picture. 

Although I have not really said much about my gallstone on my blog I have to that it has not been until this week that it has finally hit me that I will be going in for surgery again in the coming months. 

In the appointment letter it almost came across that it was a done deal and that when I attend the appointment on Monday it will be a done deal for signing up for surgery, which in fairness I know is coming and have even prayed for on the bathroom floor during the last midnight bought of pain and sickness, but it is now feeling very real.

After my anxiety last time over the operation that rid me of acute pelvic pain and saw my cesarean section adhesions removed, It will come as no surprise to those that know me that I am once again feeling anxious. 

More to the point I am feeling anxious that between hubs and I this year will see our 5th surgery between us (as he is also being listed for surgery on his spine) and all within the 5 years we have been together … we really are just wanting some healthiness please. 

Monday will be what it will be …

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