Why Men Should Be Able To Stay On The Maternity Ward 9

I recently read an article in the Daily Mail that claimed Mums feel vulnerable if men stay overnight in maternity wards and as the title suggest some ladies feel that’s inappropriate and the article is totally one-sided in my humble opinion.  and I will explain why …  In 2011 I had an elective section on medical grounds with the most amazing delivery, with understanding and considerate staff who I felt made […]


making room for babys

Starting To Make Space For Our New Baby 2

Now my pregnancy is all out in the open and life is soon to not only get back on track but have some degree of routine I am going to be one super happy lady!  What is also going to excite me is that next week we will be hopefully finding out if we have a blue or a pink on board this time and that added to my organising ways […]

Treating Back Pain In Pregnancy With Deep Freeze Cold Patches 4

I have posted in the past about my on going Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD or also known as Pelvic Girdle Pain) since my 7th month of pregnancy with Joshua now aged 4.  The fact I was one of the super unlucky people who condition never improved after the birth of my son and the consultant has confirmed that surgery and pinning the pieces of my pelvis together maybe my only […]

deep freeze

online dating

Online Dating … Was It For Me? 2

It’s no secret on my blog that for many years I was a single parent with my daughter Beth and that for many of those years I found myself on online dating sites. But how did I really find them? Well, in terms of adult conversation there were some interesting conversations and certainly some one-sided versions that could not have been repeated…. Thank goodness for the blocking option! But I guess that’s just […]

Magic Moments 24/8/15 3

Happy Monday folks! … Thanks for all hanging in there with me on the comment catch up from last week I have been super busy creating memories with Joshua before he heads off to school in a few weeks! … eek … how did that time come so quickly? So lets roll with the magic for this week …. If you are tweeting me this week please don’t forget my twitter […]

magic-moments featured

Topsy and Tim Go To The Zoo #LittleBigMoments 4

I am not sure exactly what it is about this cheeky pair but Topsy and Tim have captured Joshua’s heart for quite some time on Ceebies so when Ladybird Books asked us to take a look at the new Topsy and Tim books based on Little Big Moments that happen in life for little folks we got excited.  As my little guy has got bigger there are fewer firsts but it […]

Keeping Children Safe Online 1

For most parents who think of social media and their kids in the same sentence and it would be fair to say we shake in our boots. As children grow and social media is only ever going to increase in our children’s lives some recent information, about how little we as parents already know about our children’s online habits has to be the scariest thing I have read in a […]

social media

Summer Visit to Beefeater At Millers Barn Nottingham

Those of you that have followed our real life goings on will know this summer holidays has been anything but fun for most of us, with morning sickness for me  and spinal surgery for Ollie … getting out and about has been somewhat harder than normal.  With things finally turning around we decided to make the most of every given opportunity and make fun where we can find it and […]

Magic Moments 17/8/15 3

Thank you to everyone that linked up last week, I am a little behind reading last weeks, after Hubs spinal surgery last Monday … The super news is he is healing well and hoping to be pain free soon!  So lets roll with the magic …. If you are tweeting me this week please don’t forget my twitter account is … @JaimeOliverUK so if your new here just to let […]

magic-moments featured

Lets Go Fly Our Kite 16

Early this year I made a Summer Bucket List and on it were several things that not only had Joshua never had a go at, neither had I and one of those things was flying a kite.  I suppose it sounds rather odd that I have never to my knowledge flown a kite but I guess it’s not one of those things that is an everyday occurrence so it had […]

10 Amazing Presents For New Mums 1

New mums deserve to feel special and pampered – after all they’ve carried a new life for close to ten months and have given birth to a tiny little miracle. Those first few weeks after labour – or a caesarean section in some cases – can be pretty tiring and overwhelming, so if you’re looking to make an incredible woman smile, here are 10 amazing gifts to consider. Diamond accessories […]


The Advantages Of All Inclusive Family Holidays 2

There are few ways that are more stress-free to plan a holiday than in all-inclusive resort, especially when you have kids and family coming along with you. While each type of holiday, from all-inclusive to self-catering, has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, when it comes to stress free and hands-off living, there are few things that can beat the luxuries and amenities of having someone else take care of […]

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