Silent Sunday 20/4/14

Silent Sunday 20/4/14



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Project 365 Week 16 of 2014

Project 365 Week 16 of 2014Project 365 week 16 of 2014 Well HELLO ……. Sunshine!
What a really lovely sight to see! 

Saturday 12th April - After getting really down about the skin on my face I decided to try the wonder that is Bare Minerals .. post next week about it to come. I did blog about my problems with Rosacea this week.

Sunday 13th April - Ollie was off work and so spent some time with Joshua chillaxing .. 

Monday 14th April - Playtime means toybox time?! it was like an obsession, empty the toybox get in, get out and refill .. and repeat.

Tuesday 15th April - Practicing for the toddler speed scoot championships!

Wednesday 16th April - Ollie was off so we all headed to the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham for a review, Joshua and Beth were so brave they were stroking starfish!

Thursday 17th April - Happy Birthday Mum!! a rather special birthday for her this year, so what else would I take my mum to do? …… eat breakfast with the Easter Bunny of course! 

Friday 18th April – Some garden time, Joshua and I finally filled his new plant pots for his porch on his new wooden playhouse. 


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Review: National Sea Life Centre Birmingham

Sea Life Centre BirminghamThis week we visited the National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham to spend some quality time together and to also see what we thought of it.

Now we are not Sea Life Centre virgins as we tend to go and visit one if we pass by on things like holidays, or if we are going to be in a nearby location. However we had never been to the Birmingham one so were really excited. 

When we arrived there, there were 2 orderly queues one for pre booked tickets and one for ticket to buy on the day, as we set off round I noticed that with this site being in the centre of town it is somewhat different to previous centres we had visited. It is also not the biggest venue compared to some of the others we had visited. 

We followed the route and loved the way the venue was separated into sections as we went and the first one was one I was really excited to see. The Penguin Ice Adventures!! The Gentoo penguins have just arrived at Birmingham and as some of you will know I am super partial to penguins! 

Joshua and Beth loved the interactive rock pool where they got to stroke starfish! although Beth was really brave and even stayed to stroke the sea anemones! 

Sea Life Centre Birmingham

Our highlight of the whole trip was in fact the 4D cinema that had a showing of Spongebob Square Pants’s Great Jelly Rescue. We waited in line and filed into the cinema, I wasnt sure how Joshua would like it only being 3 but he loved it! and Ollie and I loved it so much we could have queued and watched it again! 

All in all it was a great venue, with some really interesting things although, I didn’t see anywhere to stop and have a proper drink and a sit, although there were vending machines spread around for you to buy a bottle of pop, so if there was somewhere we didn’t find it. Although I think this is probably because you really are in the centre of town and with so many eateries around it made more sense that way?

I have to say the door price of £20.95 per adult is expensive, however If you buy on-line it is far cheaper  so if you’re going to visit, it would be advisable to book online first, making the ticket price £12.50 which is so much more agreeable, especially as this one is the probably one of the smaller ones I have visited.

Disclaimer:  This product was given to us for the purposes of reviewing. All thought’s and opinions are made independently by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse

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Eating Breakfast With The Easter Bunny

Eating our breakfast with the Easter Bunny has never been a regular occurrence, in fact I can say in all honesty we have never ever had the pleasure ….

Till today! 

We were invited to a Garden Centre Group,  garden centre (Findern)  to see what they were up to this Easter.

We arrived to find Alice from Alice in Wonderland near the garden centres entrance directing us to the cafe. We arrived inside to be seated at our table (the Alice table) and we were really impressed with the tables, with Easter treats, playing cards and bubbles it was really lovely. 

Breakfast was delicious … with lovely chunky bread in the form of fried bread and toast and some really quality sausage … we were lovely happy Easter lovers! 
Easter bunny breakfast.jpgAfter breakfast Alice took the children on hunt to find the Easter Bunny, we followed the balloons round the garden centre to his hiding spot and then the Children took him back to cafe to do some activities. 

My little bunny and his big sister made some easter nests and even fitted in some football before the time was up. They were even give a lovely Easter bag at the end with treats, bird seed and a lovely Easter chick along with the lovely rabbit ears they had been wearing throughout the morning. 

easter bunnyTo top it off we finally got some plants for the planters on Joshua’s new playhouse too, so you will know what I am going tomorrow now too! 

I am so pleased we called in, we all had a lovely morning and it started our Easter weekend off with some Easter fun! 

The Garden Centre Group has 139 centre across the UK and they are offering from 8th-24th April for you to have either breakfast or tea with the Easter Bunny for £9.95 for a child and £7.99 for an adult … Which I thought at first was not the most expensive but also not the cheapest either … till I saw what the Children got in their packs and how much tea and coffee refills you get! 

Disclaimer:  We were given complimentary tickets for the purposes of reviewing. All thought’s and opinions are made independently by members of The Oliver’s Madhouse

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